GoDaddy Premium Logo Design Service Launched in US

By Jonathan Griffin. Editor, SEO Consultant, & Developer.

· 3 min read

GoDaddy has recently launched a new service offering affordable Logo Designs for small businesses under its Professional Web Services banner. This extends its already existing service of professionally designed websites and online stores.

The new Logo Design Service costs a one-time fee of $199, created by designers who will liaise with you to match your preferences, business, and desired style. After payment there is a simple three-step process:

  • GoDaddy learns about you - You will get access to their Logo Studio tool that will allow you to provide all the basic information about your business. This takes the form of an online interactive interview that you can start and stop at any time so you can reflect on the design requirements at your leisure.
  • Choose a design - You will be able to browse GoDaddy’s extensive image library to select images, as well as colors and fonts. At this stage, you can talk to a designer who will happily walk you through the process (recommended).
  • Receive logo - After 3-5 days, you will receive your new logo, along with high-resolution files including:
    • A high-resolution JPEG
    • A PNG with a transparent background for online use
    • An editable, print-ready PDF, suitable for any professionally printed materials
    • A vector-based EPS, also suitable for any professionally printed materials

It is not clear how many iterations or versions of the design you will receive, although from looking at the marketing material only one would be given. They do say that if the logo provided is “close, but not perfect” the designer will make adjustments before final approval. The Design Manager allows you to view easily and suggest revisions to the logo.

That being said, at an early stage GoDaddy actively encourages you to provide your visions for your end design. To do this, they encourage you to upload other logos that you like to be used for inspiration so that the end product is close to your style and business needs as possible.

Linnea Stenberg, Program Manager at GoDaddy said in a statement:

GoDaddy Logo Design Service was developed expressly for small business owners, bloggers, consultants and other professionals with an online presence who are working to fine-tune their image and build a signature bran.

Stenberg continued:

The designer is available throughout the process to communicate directly with the customer to field any questions and ensure the finished product is perfect.

At the current time, the service is only offered in the US.

Example GoDaddy Logo Designs

Looking at the sample logos on the GoDaddy website there is a broad range of different styles. Some are very simple while others are combined with a great visual background that accentuates the feel.

We firmly believe that you should have a clear idea of the styling that you wish before purchasing, and upload other logos to be used for inspiration. If you do this, we suspect you will get an end product that you are happy with.

You can see a copy of some of the designs below:

GoDaddy logo Design Gallery – Professional Web Services.
GoDaddy logo Design Gallery – Professional Web Services. CREDIT: GODADDY.