New SiteGround WordPress & Joomla Toolkits Launched

May 07, 2014
5 min read

SiteGround has recently launched a new set of tools to assist in the management of WordPress and Joomla installs.  Of course, this is nothing new for SiteGround; they continue to astound us with new features being released almost every month, but in contrast to their developer features these Toolkits are available on ALL plans.

The new features result from SiteGround trawling through their support tickets to identify features that would make their hosting clients lives easier.  The result is some surprisingly simple, but pretty great little features:

  • Reset your Joomla and WordPress Admin Passwords
  • Password protect your admin. panel
  • Fix website’s Permissions
  • Change Primary Domain of your website
  • Move your application from one folder to another
  • Configure your application to work with an SSL through HTTPS://
  • Completely remove an application’s files + database.

Before now, to use carry out these tasks you would have had to implement manually them using tools such as FTP, phpMyAdmin, etc.  If you are not technically minded, you may have even needed to outsource some help, or ask the SiteGround support for assistance.

SiteGround Toolkit Hangout

In a follow-up to SiteGrounds announcement of the new features, they ran a Google Hangout that endeavored to showcase how easy the new features were to use and to answer any questions that you may have had with them. 

We have included a summary of the hangout below (the video is no longer available):

Where to access the toolkits:

SiteGround allow you to access the toolkit via cPanel or via your user area.

From cPanel:

Access SiteGround toolkit.

You will see above that there is a tab for each of your WordPress and Joomla Installations.

From your User Area:

SiteGround toolkit cPanel.

You will see in the cPanel that the Joomla! Toolkit and the WordPress toolkit are under their respective categories.

The SiteGround Toolkit Interface

SiteGround toolkit interface.

Here you will see only see the WordPress or Joomla installations that have been installed via SiteGround’s single click installation tool.  Don’t worry, though, you can manually add your websites to the tool, by selecting the “Add Joomla” or “Add WordPress” button.  In the screenshot above we only have “Add Joomla” showing because we have selected only to see “Joomla websites Only.”  You can choose to see either WordPress, Joomla or both at the same time, and the respect options will then appear.

You will see from the screenshot below, how easy it is to add your installation: Addsite

You simply need to add the relevant folder (if any) and select “Add URL.”  Once done, it will show up in the list of websites that you can manage.

Manage your websites with the SiteGround Tools

To manage one of your websites just click Manage next to the relevant installation, and you will be taken to a page with all the different tools:

Manage your websites with the SiteGround Tools.

1. Reset Your Admin Password

Usually, if you wish to reset your password, you will need to either go through the reset process within Joomla or WordPress or failing that use the phpMyAdmin tool to reset this manually although this can be quite complicated for a novice user.  With SiteGround Tools, the process is as simple as filling out your new password as shown below: Reset password.

2. Secure Admin Panel

You can restrict access to your admin. area to individual IP addresses for better security.  You just enter your IP you want to retain access from and press “continue”.  Now your admin. area can only be accessed via your location.  You can find your IP via a website like

Restrict IP

3. Fix the Permissions of Your Files & Folders

This is useful if you ever develop your website locally, or transfer your website from another web host that has lax permissions you may find that your files folders have the wrong permissions set.  This will mean that your website will not work until the correct permissions are set (i.e. files set to 644, folders to 755).  This is a great one-click solution that some of you may find extremely useful:

Fix permissions.

4. Change Primary Domain of your website

This is useful where you may have manually moved or changed the location of your installation. When you visit the website, you will often find no formatting, and essentially a broken website.  This feature will change all the relevant file to ensure everything works perfectly.

Change Primary Domain.

5. Move your application from one folder to another

If you wish to change the location of your WordPress installation, this is the tool to do it.  It will move all the files to the new location and automatically reconfigure everything to work from there:

Move your application.

6. Configure your application to work with an SSL through HTTPS://

This tool quickly and easily sets your app to work with an SSL certificate with just a click of a button.  You need to have a working SSL certificate on your account for this to work.

Configure your application to work with an SSL.

7. Completely remove an application’s files + database.

Removing a website manually can take some time, especially if doing with FTP.  Furthermore, you would need to delete your database separately.  This tool does all this with a click of a button:

Delete application.

Final Thoughts

As you can see these tools have the potential to save you a lot of time and headaches.  While it is available on every SiteGround plan, we still recommend either their GrowBig Plan to get their full SuperCacher features, or their GoGeek plan to get their developer features.