SiteGround Introduces New Support Chat Software

By Jonathan Griffin. Editor, SEO Consultant, & Developer.

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If you think that SiteGround’s support couldn’t get any better, you thought wrong.  Despite being known for having one of the best support departments in the web hosting industry, SiteGround didn’t rest on their laurels but instead spent the last 12 months working on new in-house developed support chat software.

The new SiteGround Support Chat Software comes with quite a few benefits over the old system:

The Personal Touch

In keeping with the personal touch that SiteGround loves, the new software is not only visually pleasing, updated in similar styling to their not too distant past website redesign, but also promotes the personal touch.  SiteGround has for some time been one of the few hosts to feature an image of the Support Technician in their support chat.  Now they have made it even easier to view the personal profile of that technician so you can see not only their work experience within the SiteGround company but also a little more about their interests as well.

SiteGround support chat.
SiteGround support chat. CREDIT: SCREENSHOT.
SiteGround support chat.
SiteGround support chat. CREDIT: SCREENSHOT.

Optimized for Mobile

With mobile usage being a thing for some time now, SiteGround makes it even easier to raise a support query while on the move.  The new chat interface is compatible with mobile devices so while it might take you a while to type out your questions, the option is there!

XMPP Technology for Faster Connection

SiteGround now uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), often used in many chat programs, such as Pidgin or Jabber.

This allows the exchange of messages and other information nearly instantaneous, so not only will you get connected to an operator even quick, but once you do you will notice the speed in which the conversation can take place is significantly improved.

XMPP Technology for Faster Connection
XMPP Technology for Faster Connection CREDIT: SITEGROUND.

More Sophisticated Tools for the Technician

This is what excites us.  Usually, during support chats, the technician may have access to some limited information such as your account details, products, etc.  There may be some tools to allow quick access to your cPanel or other control panels, and of course, details of which server you are using.  However, this is just basic information, and quite often the technician will be required to check in other places to try and diagnose simple things such as whether your server is online.

Thankfully, SiteGround has built a customized suite of tools that will speed up the pace of diagnosing what is wrong with the server, such as being able to tell whether the server is down, recent internal notices about the server along with reasons.  The technician can perform client-side checks for both the website and email service and automatically forward a report to a higher end technical support technician to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

More Efficient Chat Distribution

Well, it is well known that many Support technicians will have more than one chat going on at any one time, but was surprised that SiteGround admitted this in their blog post.  Frankly, you wouldn’t know that they did this as they always seemed to respond pretty much instantly to any question you have. Their new Distribution System is designed to ensure that new support technicians with less of a skill level are not overloaded with chats.  Excellent.

Proof is in the results

It doesn’t take much to verify how good SiteGround chat support is.  Just check out our  SiteGround Reviews where users are occasionally invited to post by SiteGround after a chat support request, as well as their twitter account which is full of positive feedback.  Just take the following examples:

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