How to configure Coda 2 with MySQL Databases at SiteGround

By Jonathan Griffin. Editor, SEO Consultant, & Developer.

· 3 min read

Coda has now been discontinued, in favor of their new native Mac Code editor: nova.

As such this article has now been archived.

Coda 2 has a built-in MySQL editor that allows you to connect to a remote database and editor data, define structure, and more. I’ll use Coda 2 to connect to SiteGround MySQL in this tutorial.

SiteGround is a great host for developers with Git Integration, WordPress CLI, among many other features. It is for this reason I decided to use SiteGround for this tutorial, but the process is very similar for any other host using cPanel.

I first wrote this tutorial back in 2014, and while Coda 2 has a strong following, there are now many other code editors available that now offer MySQL functionality, whether natively or via an extension. Coding editors are very much a personal choice, and while Coda works extremely well, it is no longer the most popular solution.

How to set up Coda 2 with MySQL