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We try to report on all the latest Google SEO News that effects organic Rankings (although we may include news on Bing \ Yahoo or other search engines as well), as well as bring you various hints and tips that we hear from reputable Google sources such as John Mueller, Matt Cutts, or feedback on the Google Webmaster Central forums or Hangouts.

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Was there a Google Update this January 2017?

There has been an uptick of chatter that a Google Update has recently been rolled out. A specific date of the 24 January has been mentioned, but the volatility appears long-running.


Google Crawl Budget: Explained

Google has recently clarified what the term "Googlebot" means, and how it may affect SEO. We take a detailed look at what they had to say.

Black Friday Cyber monday sales 2016 webhosting

Black Friday Mobile Sales Exceed $1.2 billion

Adobe have just released their online shopping data. With record online sales exceeding $3.34 billion, it also became the first retail day in history to drive over $1 billion in mobile revenue.

Insight into how we gather our news

We think it is incredibly important that everyone keeps up to date with the various search algorithms such as Google Panda, Penguin as well as the many others.

We will try to alert you to the various changes, refreshes in these algorithms and you can search all our news articles on the subjects below.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) News

  • Google Update News - This is where we cover SEO news relating to Google algorithm updates which may effect your ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP's). There are many changes to the algorithm each month, in varying degrees.  By keeping a track of the changes in the SERP's in combination with tracking your own rankings it can help identify issues \ resolutions relating to your own website.
  • Google Webmaster Central News - This is where we report on helpful advice, clarification on technical SEO points, or announcements made by Google to assist with your SEO. By keeping track of upcoming SEO changes and best practices before they are implemented can ensure your web site doesn't get caught out by a dreaded Google Penalty or simply fall in the SERP's by one of the more covert Google Updates.  Because the SEO News comes direct from Google or one of its employees we can give it a little more credence than speculation or opinions by general SEO specialists \ webmasters.
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