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Company History

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Arvixe History

Arvixe has been around for around 11 years now and has steadily become a recognizable name in the web hosting industry.  It is independently owned, unlike some other major brands, so you get little more attention to detail given an overall great hosting experience.

About the CEO - Arvand Sabetian

arvandsabetian While we do not usually go into much detail about the CEO of various hosting companies, there is quite an interesting story about Arvand Sabetian and how Arvixe went from a small company created in his junior year of high school to a company hosting over 200,000 websites.  This led to him being named to the Class of 2013 Under 30, Inc. 500's List of Young Entrepreneurs .  2012 saw Arvixe with a revenue of about $8 million, and 2013 around $12 million.  That represents phenomenal growth, even more impressive when Arvand indicates that 30-50% of new business is based on referrals.

In 2010, Kevin Bromber, Executive Vice President of French software company Avanquest, took a 50% stake in Arvixe.  Bromber commented:

One of my biggest concerns initially was that he didn’t have a headquarters [...] Now I’m able to look at this organization and know that it’s 100 percent virtual and it’s absolutely amazing how efficiently it runs. The back-end infrastructure is really impressive. There’s not a person who sees it that isn’t impressed.

This comment raises some insightful information about how Arvixe is run.  All Arvixe staff is remotely based.  Because of the lower operating costs, those savings enable Arvixe to offer incredibly low priced hosting without compromising on performance.

EIG Bought Arvixe October 2014

In October 2014, EIG bought Arvixe from Arvand Sabetian and Avanquest (who owned it jointly).  It remains to be seen what effect this may have on the company, but it is likely that in the short term things will continue as normal.  However, we will be watching closely as things unfold as EIG has in some acquisitions been criticized for falling standards.  For the time being this acquisition will not alter our opinion in this Arvixe Review, and you will probably want to bear in mind that the user-written Arvixe Reviews left on our site before October do not take this into account.

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