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Company History

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According to our contact at the company, they were founded in 2013 by Eunge and Ray (the domain was registered in June 2013 ) and are entirely independent.  They offer to host in both Chicago, US and Hong Kong, with their business correspondence address located in Chicago.  What their contact didn't tell us was that the business address is the same as the Datacenter Colocrossing business address, which makes us wonder if they are located elsewhere but want to have the appearance of a US postal address.

Further research shows that the owner actually may be Endless Force Group Limited (David Bartak) although we couldn't find any further references around the web of this company except to an address at "P.O.Box 438 Road Town, Tortola VG1110 Road Town Tortola VG1110 200433 British Indian Ocean Territory ". With their Chinese roots (their Chinese brand is "") it is hard to say where the founders are located. 

The only Linkedin Profile for the company is very limited but does show their language as both English and Chinese (which makes sense).  If you need Asia Hosting located in Hong Kong, their experience with the native market could make them a prime choice.  Further references show that they were formerly known as that was launched seven years ago, before changing names to Indeed, these guys have been established in the industry for quite a long time.

Not knowing who you are dealing with does start to raise some alarm bells, and as while they seem to be established we would urge some caution here.

    • 2007 \ 2008 - was originally named as Ravi NET that was launched seven years ago. It was rebranded to Host4ASP.NET in 2013.
    • August 2013 - launched 2 Windows hosting packages with different features and prices.
    • December 2013 - offered 3 SSD hosting packages for better speed and performance.
    • April 2014 - launched 3 Hong Kong hosting packages for those that do business in Hong Kong and Asia
    • September 2014 - released three private SSL certificates for customers
    • November 2014 -  added more features as well as changing to unlimited Bandwidth plans.
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