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Company History

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Hostmonster History

The Hostmonster website states that they have been providing hosting services since 1996, and the domain was first registered on 4th December 2006 which appears to support this.

Looking back at the web archive, they appear to have started out offering baby and child websites. We suspect the service went inactive (or at least there are no web page captures) for a year or two from 2004, until the hosting brand resurfaces under the Robust Technology brand, based in St.Louis as a web design and e-business studio.

It appears that some time in 2006, the Hostmonster brand as you currently understand it, was born. This is when the official Hostmonster Logo, website, and website text seems to have been created, and despite a redesign of the website making it more modern has remained largely unchanged.

According to various reports, Hostmonster was purchased by EIG in 2011.

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