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Namecheap interviews EFF activism director, Rainey Reitman

With Move Your Domain Day just around the corner (2nd February 2016), a yearly event that seeks to raise funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Namecheap has carried out a detailed interview with their Activism Director, Rainey Reitman.


Move Your Domain Day 2016

The annual Move Your Domain Day is fast approaching with the date set for the 2nd February 2016. This is an annual event run by Namecheap to encourage webmasters to move their domain away from their current domain name registrar in support of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).


Namecheap Launch New Account Panel

Namecheap have recently launched their new account panel, and have revealed some further changes \ updates that are coming soon based on customer feedback.

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Namecheap History


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