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WP Engine: The Year 2015 In Review

The web hosting service provider, WP Engine, has decided to review the year of 2015 and released an infographic which details what they think their biggest achievements throughout the year.


Report: WP Engine Leads WordPress Charge

WP Engine has announced that a report was conducted by the firm 451 Research. The report is called WP Engine Helps to Push the Managed WordPress Hosting Model into the Enterprise and concludes that WP Engine has been a major player in the expansion of Managed WordPress hosting for larger Enterprises.

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WP Engine Site Backups Just Got Better — 2015 Recap

One feature from WP Engine, which has always been useful is their automatic and on-demand website backups, and in November 2015 WP Engine made the backups even more accessible and useful, launching some new changes.


WP Engine Launch WP Engine Search — 2015 Recap

WP Engine launched on the 21st April 2015 a brand-new search service that can help it customers upgrade the search capabilities of their websites. The new service is known as "WP Engine Search".

10 ways WPEngine improved during 2015

10 Ways The WP Engine Platform Improved in 2015

WPEngine had a fantastic year in 2015, making numerous changes and additions its service, to improve the ease and quality of their customers’ WordPress use. WP Engine has always been a great option for those using WordPress, as it’s specifically tailored to be a hosting service for those using WordPress.

WP Engine History


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