Best Host News is going to WordCamp London


Best Host News is going to WordCamp London

Best Host News is going to WordCamp London thanks to a very generous ticket donation by SiteGround. Find out what is in store at the Wordcamp.

It doesn't seem long ago that we were reporting on SiteGround being the primary sponsor of WordCamp London.  Well, it turns out this morning we had a little surprise waiting for us in our email inbox ... an invite, courtesy of SiteGround, to attend WordCamp London 2013!  Thank you, SiteGround!

Editor's note: Best Host News is now The Webmaster.

WordCamp London 2013 Schedule

Having spent the last few hours going over the schedule, we thought we would highlight some talks we are particularly looking forward to:

The Magic of WordPress

Andrew Nacin gives a talk for developers about the magical unicorns living inside WordPress.

Of course, for those that don't know, Andrew Nacin is a lead developer of WordPress. We are not given much insight as to what he is going to be talking about, but by the very nature of who he is, and the fact he mentions unicorns ... this is something to look forward to.

Need for Speed: Gear up your WordPress

Everyone wants a fast website, but not many people know how much control they have over its speed. It’s not all about your server and connectivity, it’s a lot about your web application. Take control over your website and learn how to fine-tune your WordPress for ultimate performance! In this presentation, you will get practical tips and tricks how to:

  • How to benchmark, pinpoint issues and prioritize tasks
  • Find the best page length for you
  • Use social media widgets and fonts properly
  • Choose themes well
  • Optimize your images
  • Minify your CSS and JS
  • Utilize the grip compression
  • Learn how to leverage your browser’s caching
  • Use CDN and Caching for your content

This will be a very practical talk by Hristo Pandjarov, which we are sure will be hugely popular.  We will make a post on what we learn in this talk!  For those who don't know, Hristo works at SiteGround where he develops and implements various in-house performance boost solutions to help make WordPress websites faster and more secure.

Lessons from WordPress 3.6

Earlier this year, Mark Jaquith was in charge of the WordPress 3.6 release; a release that came out several months late, and missing a major feature that had been developed for it. In this revelatory postmortem talk, Mark will recount the joys and sorrows of leading a WordPress release, discuss what went right and what went wrong in 3.6, and explain how the lessons learned in the 3.6 cycle have led to a bold new approach to crafting the WordPress core.

Mark Jaquith is a WordPress lead developer, as well as a freelance WordPress consultant focusing on security, scaling and custom plugin development.  With the depth of knowledge, this guy has, this is bound to give an interesting insight into the development process for WordPress.

Debugging WordPress

This talk will focus on various ways to debug WordPress websites. This includes the usage of plugins for debugging, setting the proper constants for debugging queries, scripts, and notices/warnings, using the Web Developer bar for inspecting front-end issues. The session will introduce several helpful filters and actions for high-end debugging and best practices such as logging and unit/behavioral testing.

This is another talk by one of the SiteGround crew, and one we are very much looking forward to. He is a WordPress Engineer and described as a WordPress Ambassador for SiteGround (this says to us, that he must be really good at what he does). Indeed, Mario has worked with various large clients around the World and has contributed to WordPress.

Content marketing for real people

A buzzword-free introduction to how blogging can be used as an effective promotional tool.

In two parts, I’ll first be looking at the blogging basics: finding the right topics and publishing content that’s going to bring in readers. I’ll then move on to a crash-course in how social media can be used as a genuinely effective tool for blog promotion, covering which social networks to use and how to mix in data to use them effectively.

The talk aims to give everyone present a really solid foundation and practical advice for building their blog.

We are in awe of Alex Denning.  He created when he was 15 years old, and recently sold it for an unknown sum.  He has recently started university, and we spent some time today reading up on his exploits via his blog. It is good to know not much has changed at University!  Alex recently spent a year at the casual games company Miniclip and helped managed their 10 million strong social media presence.  Certainly, this guy will have some very fresh insights to share.  This could be one of the talks we are most looking forward to.

WordCamp Event

From what we have read, we are going to be looked after at WordCamp.  From lunch to afternoon cake break, as well as food and drinks at the after party, it will make for an exciting and filling (literally) day.  It will be the first one we have been to, but on what we are reading, it is something that is sure to be both interesting and a lot of fun.

Again, thank you SiteGround for the ticket, and we look forward to seeing you, and everyone else that is attending on Saturday.

Update — You can see our live blog of the event here.

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