Eleven2 Coupons + Promo Codes

Eleven2 Coupons + Promo Codes

Get up to 50 percent off with our exclusive Eleven2 discount coupons & promo codes this October 2018.

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We are fortunate to be able to offer some exclusive coupons from Eleven2 that you will not find elsewhere (our exclusive 40 percent off shared hosting offer). That being said, from time to time you will find some limited time promotions offering even more discount.

While we have thought reasonably well of Eleven2 for some time, they have recently launched some new SSD Hosting, which is worth checking out. They use some of the best technologies to utilize Over-Provisioning (it's a technical term, but means greater performance from the SSDs). You can read all about the new SSD Hosting here. If you wish to know more about Eleven2 generally, you can read our Expert Opinion and User Reviews here.

If you want to check out some of our other recommended SSD hosting providers first, you can do so here.

New Eleven2 Coupons for September 2016

This is a good month for getting some great discounts. In addition to our regular Eleven2 Promo Codes, we have an extra special 50% off discount this month:

  • 40% Off VPS Hosting — This offer is just for the first month, but it does make it a little cheaper while you try out their services.
  • 99% Off First Month’s Shared Hosting — If you prefer to pay monthly this is a great offer, and essentially gives you a free month to try them out.
  • 40% Off the first invoice of shared hosting and reseller hosting — This is our special deal that gives you 40% off your first invoice and is always active.

Full Hosting Coupon List:

You can find a full list of our hosting coupons for Eleven2 below:

50% Off SSD Shared Hosting

50% Off SSD Shared Hosting

This is a special time limited discount code that gives you 50% off the first invoice of their SSD hosting, so sign up for longer for more savings

Was $5.95
Now $2.98
Get code
40% Off Shared Hosting

40% Off Shared Hosting

This is our standard discount code that gives you 40% off the first invoice, so sign up for longer for more savings.

Was $4.95
Now $2.97
Get code
40% Off Reseller Hosting

40% Off Reseller Hosting

This is our standard discount code that gives you 40% off the first invoice of Reseller Hosting, so sign up for longer for more savings.

Was $17.95
Now $10.77
Get code
25% Off VPS Shared Hosting

25% Off VPS Shared Hosting

This special offer gives you 25% off the first invoice of their VPS hosting. Usually, their VPS deals only apply to the first month, so this one is one to take advantage of.

Was $49.00
Now $36.75
Get code
99% Off 1st month Shared Hosting

99% Off 1st month Shared Hosting

This is our Standard hosting coupon which gives 99% off your first Month (EXCLUDES VPS). You must select a monthly payment option for this Coupon to work.

Was $5.95
Now $0.06
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Upgrade your Reseller Plan for Free

If you are ordering a Reseller Plan, there is an excellent offer that allows you to be upgraded to the next plan up for free. Just purchase your plan using the Eleven2 promo code above, and then visit http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1053277

All you have to do is follow the instructions in that forum thread, i.e. post your order number, and they will upgrade your reseller account to the next one up for free.

How to use your Eleven2 Coupon Code

While the following instructions take you through signing up for their shared plan, there is a similar process for their Reseller or VPS plans.

All the offers require you to enter a Discount Code. Sometimes, you may have to remove the existing default code and replace it with ours to get the higher discount, but we will take you through that later in the step by step guide:

1. Select your chosen Eleven2 promo code above:

The link will copy the relevant promo code to your clipboard, and take you to their website so that you may go through the ordering process and readily enter the coupon that was copied to the clipboard during the latter half of the order form.

2. Choose your hosting plan

If all you need is a simple website then shared web hosting should suffice. You will see this below under the "WEB HOSTING" option. If you require something else, then you probably already know what you are looking for. If you are in any doubt, their online chat support is excellent, and they will be able to advise.

eleven2 promo codes

Click the box for your chosen type of web hosting to be taken to the next page showing the list of all the associated plans.

In our example, we chose "Web Hosting", and you can see the screenshot of the list of plans below:

Eleven2 Promo Code

The far right-hand box allows you to view all their SSD Hosting Plans, and we would recommend giving those some consideration.

3. Choose Server Location

Once you select your chosen plan, a pop-up box will appear asking you to select a Hosting Server Location. You should choose the one that is nearest to your target audience, as this will increase your website speed.

Choose server location

4. Configure Domain

The next task is to configure your domain name. You can either register a new domain, transfer a domain from your existing domain registrar or just use an existing domain you have elsewhere. Eleven2 does not offer a free domain with any of their accounts so you may wish to purchase your domain elsewhere.

Eleven2 coupons domain

Once you have entered your domain information, click "next step".

5. Choose billing period, enter Eleven2 Promo Code

The next phase is to choose your billing cycle. Not only will you get significant discounts for signing up for a longer term, but the Coupon will apply to the entirety of the first invoice. You will see the total cost of the hosting in the Order Summary to the right of the page.

You must insert your Eleven2 Coupon at this stage. You will see in the screenshot below that a default promotion has already been entered. However, you will find that our Eleven2 discount Code is much better. To get the additional discount, just click the red "Remove Promo" link under the Order Summary, and then add the better one from this page.

Eleven2 coupons

5. Enter your details and billing information

The final stage is to enter your personal information along with payment method. You can pay via credit card or by PayPal. At the bottom, you will need to click the box to confirm you agree to their Terms of Service. It is always worth checking the terms and condition, especially about usage limits and refund policy. Once you are happy with everything, click the "Complete My Order" button.

Unless your transaction has been triggered for a manual review you will receive an immediate email confirming the purchase, and within and within a few minutes you will receive details of your hosting account.

Eleven2 Coupon & Billing FAQs

Can you advise which hosting plan I should choose?

The hosting plan you need will depend very much on the type of website you have, the number of visitors, your budget and, of course, how responsive you want your website to be.

If you only have one simple website, then you may want to consider their new SSD hosting.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can pay monthly for your web hosting. However, as our discounts apply to the first invoice only, you may wish to sign up for a longer term.

What other billing cycles does Eleven2 offer?

You can also pay 12-monthly, 24-monthly or 36-monthly in advance.

Does Eleven2 offer a free domain?

No, Eleven2 does not offer a free domain with any of its plans.

What types of payment can I use to pay?

Eleven2 only accepts payment via Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal.

They do not accept money orders, wire transfers or Western Union payments. It is unclear whether they accept checks as they have stated in two different places that they both “Accept” and “Do not accept” them. You may wish to query this with the sales team before purchasing if you want to pay by check.

Does Eleven2 accept PayPal?

Yes, Eleven2 does accept PayPal.

Does Eleven2 accept Bitcoin?

Eleven2 does not accept payment using Bitcoin or other virtual currencies. We recommend Namecheap if you do need Bitcoin hosting.

Does Eleven2 offer a money-back guarantee? If so how long?

Yes, they do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on web hosting and reseller hosting. You may cancel your services at any time within the first 60 days for a full refund. There is no money back guarantee on VPS or Dedicated Servers.  

The guarantee does not apply to any add-ons such as domain names or SSL certificates.

Will my price go up when my hosting plan renews?

If you initially purchase hosting with the benefit of one of our coupons, then the price will rise upon renewal. You may wish to consider signing up for a longer period at the outset to lock in the initial savings.

Is it easy to cancel my hosting plan if I want?

Yes. To cancel, just log in the administration area, click on the web hosting account you wish to cancel, and then at the bottom of the page select the “Cancel Account” button. If you qualify for a refund under the money back guarantee, you will need to request the refund in the cancellation request.

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