FatCow Coupons + Promo Codes

FatCow Coupons + Promo Codes

Get up to 77 percent off with our exclusive FatCow discount coupons & promo codes this October 2018.

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You can find some great FatCow coupons this month as they continue its practice of aggressive pricing. If you wish to know more about the company, then we recommend checking out our FatCow Review.

However, just briefly, you should be aware that they are owned by EIG, the same company that owns other well-known brands such as Bluehost, or A Small Orange (among many others). Unlike those above though, they not offer cPanel and is a host that is managed by a separate team both for management and support.

They are a little different to most hosting providers and instead of having isolated servers, they use a system that uses multiple servers in tandem, each server (or set of servers) being responsible for individual tasks before being managed by a Load Balancer. While we would like to say we are impressed by this, our initial speed tests haven't been overly favorable in comparison to their more traditional sister brands which is a shame, as it is a pretty cool concept. In any event, it probably does allow them to offer their lower prices, or maybe they have to have increased density (which slows down the servers) due to the aggressive FatCow Promo Codes they keep offering. It is hard to say. Just be wary of the renewal rates ... you have been warned!

New FatCow Promo Codes for September 2016.

FatCow is known for its flash sales where they will offer some incredible prices for limited periods. At the moment, during [month] they are offering one such great FatCow Promo Code although we are unsure how long it will last. For a limited period, you can get up to 77 percent off their shared hosting plans which quite frankly is pretty amazing discount, especially if you sign up for longer periods.

Full Hosting Coupon List:

You can find a full list of our hosting coupons for FatCow below:

60% Off Fatcow Hosting

60% Off Fatcow Hosting

This is our Fatcow coupon that when combined with our special trick (see our coupon page on how to do this) gives you 77% off Fatcow hosting.

Was $10.99
Now $2.50
Get code

How to use your FatCow Coupons

We have created this step by step guide to walk you through the process of signing up with our FatCow Coupon Code.

1. Click the chose FatCow Coupon code above

At the moment the FatCow Promo Code is Link Activated, so there will be no code as such. What you will find, though, is that a new browser window will open showing the updated discounted price. Once you arrive at the website, click the large yellow "Get Started Button":

grab these fatcow coupons for some really good deals off your hosting plans

2. Choose your Domain

The next page takes you to the Domain Registration screen where you can choose your new domain (which is free with all plans). There is also the option to add domain privacy for $9.99 per year so that your personal details cannot be seen on a WHOis domain search.

Register a Domain fatcow promo code

Unfortunately, on first look, it would appear that you are forced to choose a free domain, rather than to point an existing domain at your hosting account. When we first came across this, it was incredibly frustrating. All you need to do is choose your domain, and then later in the ordering process change to monthly billing, and the free domain will disappear. You can then change back to whatever billing period you would like. We did query this at the time with their live support, and they were very helpful and wanted to sign us up there and then over live chat. They even said they would throw in free backups and restore if we did (something you may wish to consider doing as it costs $12.95 per year).

Why wouldn't you want a free domain? Well, it is to do with your money back guarantee. If you want a refund, your domain cost will be deducted, and as you can see from the prices below, they are not the cheapest for domains.

Register a Domain discount code

Once you add your chosen domain, click "Checkout" to proceed to the next step.

3. Choose your add-ons

The next stage you will have to choose from up to 6 add-ons:

  • WP Essential
  • Advanced website Protection and Performance Accelerator
  • Google Apps for Work
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Top Directory Listings
  • goMobi Mobile phone app for your website

You can read more about these in our FatCow Review, but suffice to say that while we always recommend getting your own independent backups of your website, the Automated Daily Backups might be worthwhile. You can see a screenshot of this page below:

Registration addons

Once you have chosen all your add-ons, click "Continue".

4. Choose your billing period

You can choose between monthly, 12 months, 24 months and 36-month duration. You will see the different prices if you click on the drop down box:

Enter billing information

However, we recommend you don't enter your information until you carry out the little trick in the next step, then come back to this and complete all your billing information.

Grab that SPECIAL OFFER with this awesome trick

This trick almost always works. On the Billing page, click the back button on your browser. They will think you are not proceeding with the purchase, and you will get a special offer giving 77 percent off your hosting. See below:

special price when close page

All you need to do now is go back and complete all your information. Note that this special offer only applies to a 12-month plan so if you want to pay for a longer or shorter period, you should choose one of our other FatCow coupons.

Data center Location

Unfortunately, you do not have a choice of data center location for FatCow, but fortunately, the two data centers used by them are located on the East coast of the US in the Boston, MA area. This is great, as not only does it give good connectivity throughout the US, but also offers great connection speeds to Europe.

FatCow Coupon & Billing FAQs

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