Site5 Coupons + Promo Codes

Site5 Coupons + Promo Codes

Get the best price with our Site5 discount coupons & promo codes this October 2018.

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Unfortunately, they don't offer any Site5 coupons, although you may find a 1 month free trial offer (but you have to sign up for much longer than 1 month!) that is sometimes promoted in places.

They advertise themselves as built for designers and developers, but compared to a host such as SiteGround (who we highly recommend) they have very few developer features in comparison. If you are thinking of buying Hosting, we highly recommend you check out our SiteGround Review and SiteGround Developer features:

New Site5 Coupons for September 2016.

Site5 make an point about not offering any promo codes for their service, and as such specifically asked us not to show or make reference to any that they may issue from time to time. We are ignoring their request, and showing them anyway, although the only one of offer is not very impressive (free domain).

Full Hosting Coupon List:

You can find a full list of our hosting coupons for Site5 below:

Free Domain

Free Domain

Site5 do not offer much in the way of coupons, but they will provide you with a free domain if you enter this code.

Was $4.95
Now $4.95
Get code

How to use your Site5 coupon codes

Whilst we are no longer able to offer any Site5 coupons, however, if you do find one you can follow the process below in order to implement activating the Site5 Promo Code.

1. Visit their website

The first stage is going to their website, so you can start the process of choosing your hosting, and signing up to one of the plans that they have.

2. Choose your hosting plan

The first step is to choose the hosting plan and location. If you go to the "Web Hosting Page" you will see a list of 3 plans:

  • hostBasic
  • hostPro
  • hostPro + Turbo

At the top left of the plan and features table you will see "Choose your server's location" and a drop down box where you can see all the different locations you can host your website.

For an example see the screenshot below:

Site5 promo codes

Once you have selected the plan, and location click the bright pink "Order Now" button.

3. Choose your Billing Period and enter your chosen Site5 Promo Code

On the next page you will see a summary of what you have chosen, including location, plan type and Pricing details. It is the Pricing Details you will need to check here, with a choice between 6, 12 and 24 months. The price progressively gets cheaper as you choose a longer term especially if you manage to find a Site5 Coupon.

Underneath the billing period Pricing Details you get to enter your promo code if you are lucky enough to find one. See below for a screenshot of the bottom section of that page so you know what to look out for:

Site5 Coupon code

Once you have entered all the details click "Next".

4. Choose your Domain

On the next page you will have the option to register a domain for $12. We of course don't recommend you do this, and instead register a domain with a company such as Namecheap, who are not only much cheaper, but are more established as a domain registrar. You can also use our great Namecheap coupons here.

Note that if you purchase a domain you will need to click a verification email, otherwise your services may face disruption. This company is the only one we know that requires this, and in our opinion is a stupid thing to have to do. They should easily be able to verify you as part of the billing process!

Site5 domain order

5. Enter your billing information and review order

The next page requires you to enter all your billing information. Once you have done that you can review the order before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

We struggle to understand the motive behind them not wishing companies to offer their Site5 Discount Code ... It is not as if they offer anything good. When we discussed it with them, the company came across as immature, and without any offices to their name we just wonder whether a hosting company running everything from their bedroom living room is really a wise choice.

Of course, you will find many people who like them, but we unfortunately have been put off in a big way by the attitude of various management members who work there. We are increasingly seeing many people on web hosting forums and in other places that have also noticed a change in them this last year, and not for the better. In other words, we suggest you look elsewhere for a hosting company for the time being.

Site5 Coupon & Billing FAQ's

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