Web Hosting Hub Coupons + Promo Codes

Web Hosting Hub Coupons + Promo Codes

Get up to $3 off PM with our exclusive Web Hosting Hub discount coupons & promo codes this October 2018.

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We have the latest Web Hosting Hub coupons for one of our more established hosting providers. We check these coupons each month, and you will see a summary of the most recent Web Hosting Hub promo codes below.

Web Hosting Hub is the budget hosting brand (although we do not believe they are aiming at the budget end of the market, and perhaps the description of "standard" is more appropriate) of InMotion Hosting (which focuses on business hosting). They share the same support teams and management, so it may be worth checking out both brands to see which best caters for your needs.

Unfortunately, they do not employ any special technology such as SSD's or anything else that really sets them apart from the competition, so if you are looking for something with a little extra you may want to check out their business brand, or alternatively our Shared Hosting Reviews to choose one of our recommended hosts.

New Web Hosting Hub Coupon Codes for September 2016.

There is just one coupon this month, but it is a good one. You can get up to $3.99 per month off their hosting, but you will need to sign up for 3 years to get that great offer.

Full Hosting Coupon List:

You can find a full list of our hosting coupons for Web Hosting Hub below:

$3 Off shared hosting plans

$3 Off shared hosting plans

This is a great coupon that gives you $3.99 each month off shared hosting when you sign up for 3 years.

Was $6.99
Now $3.99
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How to use your Web Hosting Hub Coupons

We have created this guide to walk you through the process of signing up to their hosting with our Web Hosting Hub Coupons. The actual Promo Code is Link Activated so there is no code as such to copy and paste.

1. Click the required Web Hosting Hub Coupon above

The link will copy the WebHostingPad coupon code to your clipboard and take you to the Web Hosting Hub website so that you can then choose your plan and purchase your web hosting. You can see where to click via the image below:

Web hosting hub promo codes can help you get a great discount off your hosting plan

2. Choose your hosting plan

web hosting hub coupons choose hosting plan They offer 3 different plans, and you can read a summary of these in our Review. However, briefly speaking, the link activated Web Hosting Hub coupons above should apply to all of the different plans.

If you are not sure which hosting plan to choose their online chat support will be able to advise. You will see that their Spark Plan only allows two websites, whereas the other two plans (Nitro & Dynamo) offer unlimited websites.

They also seem to distinguish between the amount of resources allocated to the different accounts, but they don't indicate to what extent. A full summary of their features can be found here.

To proceed, click the Get Started at the bottom of one of the plans shown on the front page (you will have to scroll down the page a little to find it).

You can see an image of the relevant part to the right. As you can see, the Web Hosting Hub promo code applies to each of the three plans.

3. Enter your domain information

The next stage is to enter your domain information. With all their plans you are entitled to a free domain, but you should note that any free domain is not included in their money back guarantee.

web hosting hub promo codes choose domain

If you already have a domain, and simply wish to point that at the server then fill in the box to the right, and click next step. If you want to register a new domain you should complete the left box to choose your domain.

4. Enter Personal Details

The second part of the order process deals with your details, add-ons, confirming plan choice as well as entering your payment details. Dealing with each of these points separately (even though it is all on the same page) the first part is to enter in all your personal details.

5. Choose Addons

The next thing to do is to choose your add-ons. You have a choice to add automated backups for just $1 per month. We are rather disappointed that these are not included as standard, and this seems just an extra way to advertise a cheaper price knowing that most people will choose the backup add on as well. Having a backup policy is extremely important, and whilst we always look out for hosts that offer this as standard, we always recommend relying on your own independent backups as well.

The other add on is the McAfee Virus and Anti-Spam Protection. This is for your email, and if you find you have issues with email spam, it might be worth considering. We have never seen the need for this, however, so it is a personal choice.

webhosting hub addons with promo codes

If you choose the basic plan, there will also be an Upsell to try and get you to go "Nitro". You will find that if you go with the add-ons, and go Nitro, this budget brand starts to become quite expensive, and as a result even with the discount it may not be the most cost effective hosting solution, especially when it comes to renewal when you won't have the benefit of our Web Hosting Hub Coupons.

6. Choose to have a CMS preinstalled

You can elect to have either WordPress or PrestaShop preinstalled. In any event, they use Softaculous, so you can install these and many more easily yourself with just a few clicks, and you will have full control over installation details such as user and password etc. Therefore, we recommend you do this yourself once the hosting account is setup.

7. Enter Payment Details

The final stage is to enter your payment details and confirm agreement to the terms and conditions. Note that you can only purchase hosting using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. PayPal or other payment methods are not available. Also note that they will automatically charge you again at the full rate at the end of the initial term, which we don't really like, so you may want to bear this in mind.

You will also note that the cost is more than you anticipated unless you sign up for three years. Also, there is no monthly payment plan.

The Link activated Web Hosting Hub Promo Code automatically shows the discounted pricing.

Choice of Location

Under the payment details section, the choice of hosting location will not show on the Spark Plan. All other plans have a choice between East and West US. The East is located in Washington, D.C., which is the one recommended for a more Global Audience as it has better connectivity for Europe. The West is situated in Los Angeles.

If you go for the Spark plan, you will have no choice of data center. The Spark Plan uses the East data center (Washington, D.C.), which is very good (unless you have a local business in the Western US).

Web Hosting Hub Coupon & Billing FAQ's

Can you advise which hosting plan I should purchase?

Without knowing your exact circumstances, such as traffic, website features and configuration it is difficult to know what to recommend. Each plan comes with an increasing amount of resources, with the Spark plan being limited to just two domains. If you have a lot of traffic or features that use a lot of resources (i.e. e-commerce or filterable options), then we would recommend the Dynamo plan.

Am I able to pay monthly, rather than for a longer period?

No, they do not offer monthly payment plans at this time.

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