GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Hangout update


GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Hangout update

Check out the WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy Hangout update video for an insight into their New WordPress hosting product.

We attended GoDaddy WordPress Hosting hangout yesterday where they were updating their customers on what was coming next for their WordPress hosting, as well as give people an opportunity to ask some questions.

When we went to the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting hangout, we were a little unsure what exactly their WordPress hosting was about, as we have not yet had the opportunity to test it out for review purposes.  We anticipated that it would simply be a version of their normal hosting with some additional features, such as more CPU, better security and other things like that.  We were wrong, and we suspect this is due to us not thinking about who GoDaddy customers tend to be.  Quite simple GoDaddy has a massive customer base, and, therefore, they cater for many types of people with different skill levels.  We suspect that GoDaddy as a whole has a lot of clients that know very little or virtually nothing about hosting.  This is why they were successful with their own Control Panel for so long, as well as giving an insight into why their Website Builder product was so popular.

Now take, their customer base in mind, and how complicated potentially WordPress can be to someone who knows nothing about it, and you can kind of head toward the product we think GoDaddy are trying to give their customers.  WordPress hosting is where the customer doesn't need to think about a thing where GoDaddy deals with all the major things such as security, backups and dealing with files and database issues, but it also goes quite a bit further than that.

Hangout summary

Before we go into some of the things that we were particularly impressed about, we summarize below some talking points that were discussed at the Hangout:

  • The GoDaddy team are very proud of the fact that with their service the WordPress blog for new customers is setup in under 40 seconds
  • They have just rolled out SFTP support for file access, and your login credentials can be found in the gateway.
  • They talked about how they have built redundancies in at every level, to ensure maximum uptime and performance.
  • They are rolling out support for phpMyAdmin
  • There is the ability to login to WordPress directly from GoDaddy's gateway as an administration user
  • GoDaddy is one of the first to support full internationalization with the WordPress website (administration) automatically translated into your language
  • One of their main aims to make websites run as fast as possible, and have implemented SSD's not just for files, but for the MySQL servers.
  • They have multiple caching layers, and it is hoped to implement even greater caching using possibly MemCached in 2014.
  • GoDaddy is working on automatic WordPress migration, but in the meantime just ask their support to help get your existing website transferred.
  • Implemented temporary domains, which means you do not need to specify a domain when you first sign up as WordPress can be assigned a temporary domain to get you up and running.
  • GoDaddy backup your content every night, but they are working on a feature where you can roll back your WordPress to an existing backup, and choose whether to roll back either files or the database.  They are looking to have this readily available from the WordPress interface and or dashboard.
  • They describe themselves as the "Managed" WordPress team.  Implies their responsibility to ensure their WordPress websites run as fast as possible, with little to no downtime.
  • In 2014, they planned on making their websites faster with the introduction of a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • GoDaddy will take care of all security.  It is aimed that users shouldn’t need to install a security plugin.  If people think they need a feature of a security plugin, let them know, and they will try to address concerns or deal with vulnerability globally.

You can view the full hangout video below:

Here are a couple of points that we would particularly like to highlight about the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting:

Question: In the long-term, how do you see GoDaddy's Managed WordPress hosting differentiating itself from the competition?

Provide the best interface possible without customers having to worry about WordPress and having to manage it.

Question: Will there be some resource we can provide customers with that would list the differences between WPaaS, and the new cPanel hosting?

GoDaddy is putting together some information etc. to provide a brief guide that will better help GoDaddy understand their different products and help advise which product they should purchase.  It is our opinion that this is essential for GoDaddy, as even we are not clear on some of the differences between their products.

WordPress Quick Setup

One of our favorite things that we took away from the WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy Hangout was related to their WordPress Quick Setup.  This originated after GoDaddy found a lot of customers would install WordPress then cancel because they found that customers had the hard time getting started.  GoDaddy has found that if they give a WordPress install that was already prebuilt with a basic website and plugins etc., it was much easier for their customers to change minor things like titles, images, etc.  With a blank canvas, their customers had a difficult time getting started.  In response to this GoDaddy looked at plugins and other features of WordPress websites as well as the challenges new customers faced and developed a system called "Quick Setup" which is a 3 step wizard that helps a novice user set up their WordPress website.  To impress upon you how powerful this feature is, when designing it they had the mantra that within “10 minutes 90 percent was done”.

Hopefully in the new year, we will get a chance to take the WordPress Hosting for a spin, and do a full firsthand review of it.

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