State Of Site5 — 2013

Take a look at what Site5 has been up to during 2013 with a summary of all their announcements during the year.

Every month Site5 publish a summary of all the main events, news, new features as well as insight into what they are working on. We have summarized below a summary of all posts made throughout 2013.

We think  "State of your Company" type addresses are is great.  Being able to see what a company has been up to over the last year, not only reiterates how proactive they are but strengthens people's confidence in the company.  This is why the State of Site5 2013 summary makes an interesting read.

State of Site5 2013 Summary

With Site5 increasing their staff by 25 percent over the last year to 114 team members, and implementing many improvements both in technical features and support, as well as opening up products in new locations Site5 are definitely in a great position heading into 2014.  Certainly, Site5 have a lot to boast about, and we are looking forward to seeing how they will continue to progress in the future.  Here are the pertinent points:

Site5 advancements during the past year include:

  • New Cloud Hosting was launched in Amsterdam, bringing European cloud hosting to Site5
  • Unmanaged VPS plans have been extended with the launch in 6 more locations; Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Amsterdam, and Singapore.
  • goMobi mobile website builder was launched as well as. mobi domain registrations.
  • SSL certificates are now being offered
  • They have launched a new Malware scanning/protection service, although this comes at a premium.
  • PHP was updated to be much faster — PHP 5.4 was added, PHP 5.3 replaced 5.2 as the default handler, and PHP is now served via FastCGI. This is great, as PHP 5.4 is much faster than earlier versions.
  • Three major new locations were added for shared, reseller and VPS plans, including Atlanta, Bucharest and more interestingly Sao Paulo in Brazil. This makes Site5 one of the few larger web hosting providers that offer a data center within South America.
  • Regarding customer service improvements, there have been many.  The automatic routing of tickets to staff members has enabled everything to be much more efficient, and faster.  Not only that Site5 have enabled feedback in real-time to support tickets.
  • Feature ideas can now be submitted via the Site5 blog, which is an excellent way to give feedback to Site5 about what you want to see in the future.

State of Site5: November 2013

State of Site5: November 2013 We have only recently been monitoring Site5 since our website went live in September.  What we have found, though, is that there are some extremely active web hosts out there who are constantly improving their services and adding new features.  We are quickly finding these companies are more active on Twitter, more proactive with support and offer better services.  Site5 is one of our "one to watch hosts" that subject to more personal testing could quickly become one of our favorites.

Here is a summary of their blog post "State of Site5: November 2013" outlining what Site5 have done in November:

  • Site5 confirm that their billing system is nearly complete and that they have begun testing it internally among their staff to iron out any bugs.  They do say that there is still much to be done before it replaces their existing tried and tested systems, though.
  • Site5 have opened up their telephone support for 24/7 coverage, and as such there are now more vacancies for both email and telephone support positions.
  • Site5 have previously launched their new Favorites section in SiteAdmin that users to access quickly the pages that they use most often.
  • A new website builder has been added to Site5 as an add-on, specifically targeted at mobiles.  goMobi allows you to build quickly a mobile-optimized website, which is crucial to the increasing use of mobiles.
  • New CloudFlare integration is due to be launched soon, having been evaluated.  This will take place in a phased and careful manner.  The implementation is quite straightforward, as it is a very quick install within cPanel using CloudFlare's specially designed plugin.
  • cPanel 11.38 is being tested ready for implementation in the New Year (January 2014) read for when 11.36 reaches the end of its life.
  • A new design of was launched.
  • New Apache/PHP updates are being rolled out, which include FastCGI and Phusion Passenger.

We are pleased to see that the CloudFlare one click install option has been made available.  You can read more about CloudFlare here, but suffice to say it can be very beneficial to busy websites, or websites with a global reach.

Also, while we never use telephone support (we are a big fan of live support tickets where we have things written down), we know that telephone support is a must for many.  In what we see as a sign of Site5 "doing well," them increasing telephone support to 24/7 is quite reassuring.

Their new website design looks a lot sleeker too, and you can see a snippet of the new design in the image at the top of this post.

You can read more about Site5 here, and you will find some Site5 coupons here.

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