Magento Dynamic Caching Now Available at SiteGround


Magento Dynamic Caching Now Available at SiteGround

Magento Dynamic Caching Now Available at SiteGround allowing you to get all the benefits of the SuperCacher to make your website super fast.

Editor's Note — 15th September 2015: The Magento SuperCacher is only available on SiteGround's Cloud.

Not only is SiteGround one of the only hosts we know that offers dynamic Nginx-based caching on their Shared Hosting platform for WordPress and Joomla, but they have now developed their own software to enable Magento users to make the most of it, although you will need their Cloud Hosting.

One of the problems with Magento is that with higher numbers of visitors it can be quite slow to display the products on the website because with every page load the server has to be queried individually for all the products showing on the page.

SiteGround has solved this with their unique SuperCacher system which is based on NGINX and Memcache. As a result, your web page is cached so that it stores a copy of your dynamically generated page in the RAM of the server, which not only speeds up significantly your website but also significantly reduces the load on the server.

How to set up Magento NGINX Dynamic Caching

Setting up the SuperCacher with Magento is pretty straightforward, and can be done activated within just a few minutes. Here is a simple overview of the steps required:

1. Download the SuperCacher plugin

The first step is to log into your control panel (cPanel), click on the SuperCacher icon and then download the plugin for your Magento application via the NGINX Dynamic Cache tab:

supercacher plugin download

2. Log into your Magento Admin Area

You can log in your admin. area via the following URL. It is presumed you know your login details.

3. Disable the Magento Compiler

To install the SuperCacher properly, you need to ensure that the Magento Compiler is first disabled. After installation, you can re-enable the compiler without issue.

To disable the Magento Compiler go to System -> Tools -> Compilation and press the disable button.

4. Install the SuperCacher extension

To install an extension in Magento you go to the menu item: System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager. You may be asked to re-enter your login details, and once you do you will be taken to the following page:

install supercacher extension magento

All you have to do here is to upload the extension you previously downloaded in Step 1 above. Magento will proceed with installing the extension once you click "Upload".

5. Enable & Configure the NGINX Caching Extension

The final step is to enable the extension and provide some basic configuration settings. Go to the menu item System -> Configuration -> SuperCacher Options and configure it as follows:

  • Enable SuperCacher caching — Enable
  • Enable Ajax Flash Messages — Enable
  • Fix Product List Toolbar — Enable
  • URL Blacklist — cron.php

You can specify in the URL Blacklist any other pages that you do not wish to be cached, noting that the checkout pages are excluded by default. You only need to enter the relative part of the URL, omitting the domain name part.

The configuration screen should look something like below:

configure varnish caching extension magento

For further reading, you can view the main SiteGround instructions for configuring the SuperCacher extension via this detailed step by step guide. If you find you are having any problems during the configuration process you will find SiteGround more than willing to assist:

If you do not feel confident enough to perform the installation and setup on your own or if you notice any issues or unexpected behavior, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Magento experts on live chat or ticket — as always they would be glad to help you.

So don't worry ... SiteGround has one of the best support teams around, and will soon help you get setup.

To use the Magento NGINX Dynamic Caching, you will need to sign up to the SiteGround Cloud, thankfully though we have some great coupons available to save on your first invoice.

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