Site5 adds Favorites to its SiteAdmin Panel


Site5 adds Favorites to its SiteAdmin Panel

Site5 adds Favorites to its SiteAdmin Panel so that users can add custom links to their favorite features.

Site5 has recently updated its SiteAmin Panel by adding a "favorites" section at the top of the menu in the left sidebar. This makes those commonly used features within their SiteAdmin panel much easier to find.

SiteAdmin is a custom control panel theme that Site5 implemented to make managing your account easier. It is an extra layer atop of the industry-standard cPanel control panel.

SiteAdmin cleans up the cPanel interface as well as add other additional tools and features, such as the adding favorites feature.  If you wish to know more about using SiteAdmin, you can check their more detailed KnowledgeBase article on SiteAdmin. This contains links to detailed tutorials on their most used features, such as Email, Web Tools, Domains, Security.

In particular, "Site5 Favorites" being added to its SiteAdmin Panel allows you to access quickly the five things that you use the most, such as Backups, Server status, or Resource Usage.  Site5 announced:

To add a SiteAdmin page to your Favorites, click the “Add to Favorites” link in the upper right corner next to the “Hide/Show Help” toggle. Your newly added favorite will appear in the list on the left-side menu.

To remove a Favorite, click the “X” icon next to the link in your Favorites list.

While this is quite a small feature, it is one of those that not only save you a little time but tell you that the host Site5 is very proactive at making small improvements all the time to improve their service.

If you want to suggest new features for Site5, you can do so at their "Submit and Vote On User Submitted Idea/Feature" section at Site5. This helps prioritize the improvements by allowing you to vote on suggestions other people have made, as well as suggest your own.

Another recent development that Site5 made is CloudFlare integration across all their servers.

Final Thoughts

While some custom control panels look great, we are a big fan of the standard theme, which for people new to hosting can make following tutorials much easier as well as give a sense of familiarity when they change hosting providers.  That being said, this is a matter of personal preference and not something that should sway you either way when choosing a web hosting provider.  What should worry you is whether any cPanel functionality has been disabled, such as cPanel account backups (disabled at Bluehost, Just Host, and Hostmonster!).

Unfortunately, we do not have many coupons available for Site5, but you can check to see if any pique your interest, or you can check our recommended host, who are currently offering 60 percent off.

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