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SiteGround now offers free student hosting for both students and professors, along with support for popular Learning Management Systems.

SiteGround is very apt at both identifying and taking advantage of new opportunities to spread their brand, and their free Student Hosting Program is no exception, with two different options, depending on whether you are an individual student or faculty.

The SiteGround Student program has two options:

  • If your professor signs up to the program via the "Faculty Partnership", they can get free student hosting for themselves and their entire class. 
  • Alternatively, if the professor has not signed up the class, any student can sign up for themselves at an incredible $1.99 per month.

This is an excellent opportunity for the class to bring SiteGround's free hosting offer to their professor!  Let's go into a little more detail.

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SiteGround Faculty Partnership

If you are a professor and want to join up your faculty with the SiteGround partnership program, it is incredibly easy.  There is a simple form to complete giving your details and a few brief details about your course, including the course name, start end dates and number of students.  You can also request at this time a test account so you can give all the SiteGround hosting features a spin. We were curious as to how simple setting this all up is, so we reached out to SiteGround, and they had this to say:

Signing for the program and getting the account is very simple and all it takes is filling out the form. We try to keep it as streamlined as possible and will do it on our own when a form is submitted, but if any questions remain unresolved we would get back in touch with the person who made the request to clarify them.

The image below gives a clear overview of how it works.

siteground faculty free hosting

SiteGround makes it clear that there are no limits on the numbers of students you can sign up for free hosting.  Whether it is 50, or 2000, you can sign up all your students for free Student Hosting (see our Student Hosting Section below for more information). One of the great things about the Faculty Partnership is that they also provide the professor with a website with an open-source learning management system already setup (although the Professor can set up their own Learning Management System (LMS) on their free account should they wish).  While the Professor is free to choose a learning management system, one of the most popular ones is Moodle ((

You can see a screenshot of a Moodle test website below, which you can play around with at if you wish to try it out. Moodle has a lot of features, and optional plugins, so it is worth checking out the website itself. For those not familiar with Moodle, it is a learning platform designed to provide educators, learners, and administrators with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. They have 65 million users across both enterprise and academic level usage that makes it the world's most widely used learning platform. Along with Moodle, SiteGround also recommends using ClarolineAuthor and eFront as your personal LMS if Moodle isn't the right fit for moodle for educational institutions when signing up for the free siteground hosting offer

Student Hosting

If the Faculty has not signed up their course to get free student hosting for their class, there is still an opportunity to get SiteGround's StartUp plan (except the free domain) at a massive 80 percent discount ($1.99 per month).  While you do not get a free domain, you do get a free subdomain, i.e., ""  All you need to do is enter your .edu email, and you can sign-up within minutes.Discounted student hosting at sitegroundUnlike some other hosts, that limit what you can do with a Student Plan, SiteGround's student hosting is fully featured.  You get all the great features, excellent support, and impressive speed that come with their StartUp plan, and you can read our in-depth review here.  What is more, SiteGround is our top recommended hosting provider.

Includes SpamExperts to help keep email spam under control

As a Professor or Tutor, one of the things that might worry you the most is the amount of spam you might have to deal with.  After all, you will probably be getting many emails from students as well, and the last thing you need are 100's of spammy emails to deal with.  Thankfully, SiteGround has teamed up with SpamExperts to keep that all under control.

SiteGround Student Hosting Conclusion

Any educational institution that needs hosting is insane not to use SiteGround, who are probably the best hosting provider we know of.  Virginia Intermont College, Moberly Area Community College, DePaul University, and Harvard University Extension School are already making use of SiteGround's Student hosting program with great success. For more information, and to sign up for SiteGround Student Hosting visit here:

Even if you do not qualify for the free student hosting, you can still get up to 60 percent off your first invoice by using one of our exclusive coupons.

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