SiteGround Sponsors PressNomics 2013 Conference


SiteGround Sponsors PressNomics 2013 Conference

SiteGround Sponsors PressNomics 2013 alongside a great limited time offer to provide SiteGround hosting free for a year.

Editor's Note: This offer is no longer valid.

SiteGround sponsors PressNomics for the 2013 conference as one of their chief commercial sponsors.  While PressNomics is now over SiteGround's incredible free hosting offer is at the time of publishing this article is still open. 

To get the SiteGround hosting free for a year you need first to visit their PressNomics Landing page, and then click the link to visit SiteGround.  You will then see all their shared plans set to zero cost.

We cannot tell how long this offer will remain open, now that PressNomics event has finished, so it is probably wise to grab a plan while you can.  After all, what do you have to lose?

PressNomics, in case you were wondering, is an awesome event down in Arizona, where various influential speakers such as Envato (the guys behind Themeforest) bring different insights on WordPress Usage trends and other related stuff.  The target audience for PressNomics includes WordPress theme and plugin developers, hosting companies, freelancers and agencies along with any WordPress companies making annual sales above one million dollars.  The concept of PressNomics has been stated to:

Set the agenda and get the business stakeholders in the same physical space. Bring in speakers that are willing to speak candidly and transparently in how they do business, mix in some sponsors to help pay the bills and some social time to break down the competitive barriers.

Envato talks about WordPress at PressNomics

One particular talk that would have been great to see was that of Envato.  They gave a very detailed talk about WordPress Trends answering some interesting questions:

How do people choose a WordPress theme?

PressNomics trends - why did you buy your last wordpress theme

As you can see, many people purchase a particular theme because they like the design or specific features of a theme.  This is especially so with all the very feature rich themes now coming on the market.

How do people find WordPress?

PressNomics trends - how did you start using wordpress

This is kind of interesting, in that it implies that many people who use WordPress originally found it by Googling.  It makes you wonder what they were searching for to find WordPress as a solution.  We can see how word of mouth though is a popular reason.

What WordPress features are in the most demand?

PressNomics wordpress trends what features are users looking for

It is no surprise that one of the most popular features is Responsive design. With the increase in mobile and tablet users, is no wonder people are making this their most wished for feature. In fact, you will probably struggle to see a popular website theme with this functionality ready to go.

Why did you choose WordPress to build your online store?

Pressnomics marketing trends why use wordpress to build an online store

This makes sense.  For most people going to an entirely new platform such as Magento, PrestaShop or OpenCart can be very daunting.  With the popularity of WordPress and the great functionality of plugins like Woo-commerce, it is now very easy to set up an online store via WordPress.

What are customers looking for on ThemeForest?

PressNomics what are customers looking for on themeforest

You can find a brief overview of the event courtesy of the SiteGround blog. In the meantime, be sure to snap up that offer while you can.  We just hope SiteGround sponsors PressNomics next year as well, as it sure did look like a lot of fun!

Update: While the free hosting offer has now expired, you can still grab a great offer via our SiteGround Coupons page where we have up to 70 percent off all SiteGround hosting.

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