SiteGround Partners with SiteApps

SiteGround Partners with SiteApps to make it easy to extend the functionality of your website. We have created a tutorial on how to set it up.

SiteGround Partners with SiteApps to provide easy access to an easy one click solution to adding functionality to websites. Of course, when we first heard about it, we were unsure quite what SiteApps was.  As a result, we decided to investigate, and set out what SiteApps is, and how it works during this article.

Although SiteApps has been around for a while, it is the first time that we had come across it, so we were eager to give it a test run.  So, we logged into our SiteGround control panel and quickly went through the process in just a couple of clicks, and were redirected to the Siteapps website.  The intrigue deepened, as we couldn't immediately work out what exactly it was about, and to make it worse the video explaining it on their website wouldn't load.  But have no fear, after about 5-10 minutes looking around the website, and another few minutes chatting to SiteGround support about the installation process, we worked it all out.

What is SiteApps?

In simple terms, SiteApps does three things:

  1. Analyzes your website and makes recommendations — SiteApps integrates with your Google Analytics account to give you insights into how your website is being used, as well as providing recommendations on how to improve the user experience based on that data.  SiteApps, then recommends various "one-click install" apps that will add functionality to your website to implement these recommendations.  Of course, you don't have to follow the recommendations as you can browse and install the apps individually.
  2. Provide additional functionality to your website via Apps — As we mentioned above, you can easily add functionality by installing various apps to your website.  This is done by adding  JavaScript code to your website, which can either be done manually or if your website runs on either WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, Webnode or Joomla you can install a very easy plug in that will add the code for you.  Below is a screenshot of the Marketplace, which you can browse to choose which apps to install.  Of course, there are only a few shown below, but there are hundreds of apps available:siteapps-apps
  3. Segment your website to customize it for each user — You can show different versions, based on the following criteria: Users arrive on your website from a search engine, First-time Visitors, Returning Visitors, Social Media referrals as well as whether the user is using a Smartphone or Tablet.

SiteApps Introductory Video

Fortunately, there is an excellent little video that SiteApps has produced that also explains it in very simple terms:

A brief overview of how SiteApps can improve your website with additional functionality.

So what is the Benefit installing via SiteGround?

Of course, you can sign up outside of the SiteGround cPanel, but there are a few benefits of SiteGrounds Partnership with SiteApps. Firstly, signing up is super easy and quick via the cPanel.  With one click, they register you are SiteApps, and you will get an email instantly with your login details.  Secondly, instead of the usual one app allowance and segment allowance on the free SiteApps plan, you get to install up to 3 apps for free. Furthermore, if you upgrade within 60 days, you will receive a lifetime 50 percent reduction in the price.

How to set up SiteApps in SiteGround?

  1. Log in to your Control Panel, and click the SiteApps Dashboard icon.  We couldn't find it when we first logged in, as the section was right at the bottom of the page.Image of siteground control panel showing siteapps dashboard icon
  2. You will then get taken to the following page. Just click Access SiteApps dashboard:Siteapps dashboard showing how to access service
  3. You will need to do two things, firstly connect your Google Analytics account by clicking the "Let's do it right now?" link shown in the image below.  If you are not logged into Google Analytics, it will request you do so, and then select the correct website (if you have more than one).connect google analytics to siteapps
  4. Next you need to install the SiteApps tag. Click the "Install Now" link in the image above.  You will be taken to the screenshot below.  You can install it manually, or click one of the CMS links at the bottom of the page for detailed instructions on how to install the tag with one of the plugins. We used the WordPress plug in (search for "website apps" when adding a new plug in within WordPress), and all we had to do was add in the website ID, and it was all setup. Took us less than a minute.grab siteapps javascript code to embed on website
  5. On the main dashboard, you will see an option in the menu called "Your Analysis."  Click that, and you will see some recommendations.  Take a look at a screenshot for a website we host at SiteGround.  You will see that it then gives you the opportunity to install the various apps.find siteapps application recommendations for site

Final Thoughts

We think this could be of immense benefit to many web users.  It makes adding extra functionality to your website super easy. Admittedly, some of the apps are a bit gimmicky, but there are so many good ones to choose from we are sure you will find something to spruce up and, more importantly, increase user engagement on your website.  One thing we would add, though, is we recommend you don't go mad install dozens of apps on your website as this will may slow down your website. A few apps should have the negligible impact, though, and if you are worried about this, you should speed test your website both before and after implementing the Apps.

Do we think it is worth the cost?

Yes, especially with the 60 percent discount you get as a SiteGround customer.  This will appeal not only to those who are unfamiliar with web development, but could ease and prompt the more experience into adding additional functionality too.  And, with a generous free plan, what do you have to lose in trying it out?

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