SiteGround Sponsors WordCamp London

SiteGround has recently announced their Sponsorship of WordCamp London 2013 again, in what is becoming some great support by them for all things WordPress.

SiteGround has just announced that is sponsoring WordCamp London 2013 as a Park Lane Sponsor.  This means that they are one of the two main sponsors of the event, which, if past events are to go by should be quite impressive.

In case, you were not aware WordCamp is conference all about the popular blogging platform WordPress.  It has an impressive lineup of speakers including, Andrew Nacin, one of the lead developers of WordPress, as well as many other WordPress engineers and experts.  One particular speaker worth seeing is Alex Denning, a 19-year-old social marketer, and blogger who sold WPShout 4 years ago (yes he is 19 now!).

If you are heading to WordCamp, be sure to visit SiteGround's exhibit.  If their exhibit is anything like their previous one, you may find some special promotions available.  Plus, you can find out more about their awesome WordPress hosting!

You can read more about WordCamp London by visiting their website here, but unfortunately, they do not have any tickets available!  It is very popular!


We were fortunate enough to attend the 2013 London WordCamp courtesy of a free ticket from SiteGround, and you can read our live blog of the event here. There were many excellent talks, including:

  • Talk by John Blackbourn about coding the updated Media Manager and all the exciting things coming up on that front.
  • A Talk by Tammie Lister about BuddyPress.
  • A talk about the production process of coding by Lee Willis.
  • SiteGround also had an excellent talk they gave (Hristo Pandjarof) about the "Need for Speed" covering various ways to increase your website's performance, including caching and CDN's.
  • The final session of the day was an excellent talk by Nikolay Bachiyski, a Babelfish Engineer with a talk called "On Learning."  We highly recommend you check out the slideshow, as even the imagery gives you a great feel for what the talk was about. You can see the slideshow of this talk below:

For an excellent summary of WordCamp London 2013, you can visit the SiteGround blog.

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