Site5 CloudFlare Integration announced


Site5 CloudFlare Integration announced

Site5 CloudFlare integration has just been announced to allow a free content delivery network and performance optimizations.

Site5 have recently announced that they are rolling out the integration of CloudFlare across all their managed servers.

Now that Site5 have become a certified partner with CloudFlare they will be able to offer the significant benefits of CloudFlare easily to their customers, including:

  • CloudFlare Content delivery network — CloudFlare operates out of 31 different data centers, and your website is cached in each of these locations to ensure that visitors get servers copies of your website files locally. This significantly speeds up the load time on your website.
  • CloudFlare optimizer — With their Rocket Loader and code minifications, your pages are automatically optimized to reduce the number of network connections, as well as set local storage caching and optimized Gzip compression. This is one of our favorite things about CloudFlare, as their Rocket Loader is particularly effective.
  • CloudFlare security — CloudFlare automatically detects threats to your website and proactively stops them depending on the security level you set.
  • CloudFlare DNS — Unfortunately you do not get the benefit of the CloudFlare DNS when signing up directly with the hosting provider.
  • CloudFlare Analytics — Gain insight into your web traffic, including threats, and how much bandwidth you have saved by serving assets from the cache rather than your server.
  • CloudFlare apps — Easily implement additional functionality on your website with these one-click apps.

CloudFlare configuration at Site5 is incredibly easy. You do not need to change nameservers and merely activate it via the control panel. The only caveat is that CloudFlare being activated via the control panel requires you to use a cname, i.e. "www."  So whilst "" will work, "" would not.  If you want to use the non-www version, you would still need to sign up directly and change your nameservers to point at CloudFlare directly.

Essentially, once your website is setup with CloudFlare all the traffic is routed through their global network.  They will optimize the delivery of your website to increase page load times and performance as well as block security threats, bots and crawlers that can waste your bandwidth and resources.  While anyone can install CloudFlare by configuring it themselves and directing their nameservers toward the CloudFlare servers, being a certified partner enables it to be setup with just a couple of clicks.

If you are a Site5 customer and looking to activate CloudFlare you should note Site5's comments regarding their rollout schedule:

We’re currently rolling out integration between our SiteAdmin and reseller servers (including managed VPS) and CloudFlare. This integration means that enabling CloudFlare on your website requires just a couple of clicks, without leaving your control panel or messing around with changing nameservers or DNS. Just log into cPanel or SiteAdmin and look for the CloudFlare icon — the instructions will guide you through the process. If the icon’s not there yet, don’t worry — we’ll get to your server soon.

We have previously written an in-depth article on all the features and benefits of CloudFlare, which you can find here, and we have a detailed tutorial on how to configure WordPress to work well with CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache here.  If you are thinking about purchasing hosting with Site5, we highly recommend checking out our exclusive offers for Site5 hosting here.

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