GoDaddy Hires 26 year Microsoft Veteran Arne Josefsberg as New CIO


GoDaddy Hires 26 year Microsoft Veteran Arne Josefsberg as New CIO

GoDaddy Hires 26 year Microsoft Veteran Arne Josefsberg as New CIO in what is a further sign of the positive changing fortunes of GoDaddy.

GoDaddy has recently hired Arne Josefsberg, a 26-year data center and cloud computing veteran as their new Chief Infrastructure Officer.  GoDaddy has made significant high-level changes over the last year, including Blake Irving, who joined GoDaddy in January 2013 as its new Chief Executive Officer, as well as other high-profile hires from top firms such as Cisco, Google, Yahoo, eBay and AT&T.  All this fresh blood and ideas are working.

Arne Josefsberg godaddyWhile Arne Josefsberg left Microsoft two years ago to work as chief technology officer at enterprise cloud IT company ServiceNow , his previous role was helping to establish and develop Microsoft's data center and cloud infrastructure, which dated back to MSN and culminated in Microsoft's 365 Online service.

GoDaddy's new focus on small business (with a new marketing approach to match) with its updated product line, GoDaddy are certainly winning people over.

This new appointment is significant.  As GoDaddy updates its product lines and expands internationally the ability to upgrade their technological backbone for its new products and cloud services is essential.

GoDaddy’s mission to help small business globally is inspirational and offers a unique opportunity to build a massively scalable infrastructure that serves our 12 million – and growing – customers.

GoDaddy has the size and scale that allows us to reach a previously under-served customer base and necessitates a global infrastructure that allows us to serve them seamlessly.

Arne's role is likely to deal with both internal and external issues, and that he believes that the majority of GoDaddy Services will eventually move to a SaaS \ Cloud delivery model:

Highly specialized transaction systems might still run behind the corporate firewall, so the two delivery models are not mutually exclusive. But I believe over time internal IT will be mostly server-less, all delivered through cloud services. Clearly my experience at ServiceNow has reinforced my view on this as I have seen IT organizations across the globe transform their operations replacing cumbersome, legacy on–premise systems, [...] This is where the future of IT lies. [...] I can clearly envision GoDaddy running all its internal IT on cloud-based services and hope to get there in the not too distant future,”

While Arne has experience with  Windows and open source, he imagines that they will primarily invest in open source:

At GoDaddy, we will primarily invest in open source. You can do amazing things in open source today; it has really come a long way with significant innovations through contributions from the many communities. But they both have their place

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving had only positive words to say about Arne bringing up the fact that Arne's three decades of experience of managing cloud and infrastructure will be critical to bringing GoDaddy's ambitions for Cloud Services to fruition.:

As GoDaddy expands our global reach and product portfolio, a world-class and scalable technology infrastructure is critical to our success,....

As a passionate technology executive, Arne brings a long history of creating technology that makes a difference in people’s lives – and that’s exactly what we are doing here at GoDaddy.

Arne Josefsberg will be splitting his time between 2 different GoDaddy offices, namely Scottsdale, Ariz, and their new offices in Kirkland.  His goal will be to help in GoDaddy's global expansion plans, which include breaking into 60 different markets, and offering products in 30 different languages by 2015, as they seek to build a "global, very large scalable infrastructure".

GoDaddy is very quickly growing its engineering and design teams, so it is easy to see how quickly things are progressing.  In fact, just in the last three months alone, GoDaddy has introduced their new cPanel hosting, updated their WordPress hosting, and is set to do the same to their reseller hosting.  Getting all their products updated and ready to launch in these new markets is already taking great shape.

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