Real Woman to Quit Job in GoDaddy Super Bowl Advert 2014


Real Woman to Quit Job in GoDaddy Super Bowl Advert 2014

Latest gossip surrounding the Super Bowl adverts — a Real Woman to Quit Job in GoDaddy Super Bowl Advert 2014

Each year during the Superbowl various companies compete to have the most talked about, and best performing adverts. GoDaddy has for a number years produced the most cringe-worthy, disgusting (although each to their own taste), but yet most talked about and profitable adverts going.

Typically based on sex appeal, and horrific situations such as the last years nerdy guy making out with supermodel Bar Refaeli, the adverts have performed extremely well.  For instance, last year's GoDaddy Superbowl advert resulted in:

  • Hosting sales jumped 45 percent.
  • Dot-com domain sales rose 40 percent.
  • New mobile customers increased by 35 percent.
  • The company added 10,000 customers in total.

This year is all change.

With a focus on small business and a move away from the sexy adverts of the past, GoDaddy is building up a lot of anticipation with its second slot (GoDaddy are showing two 30 second adverts). A real woman (rather than an actress) will announce to over 100,000,000 viewers, including her boss that she is quitting her day job to start up her own small business.

GoDaddy has released a 16-second teaser of the new advert today:

The video states:

Let's talk about dreams and the people who choose to pursue them. Like [BLEEP]" he says, as a picture frame with a question mark appears. "She's a real person with a real dream of starting her very own business. And she's got a message for her boss in front of 100 million people.

This concept is not new ... in fact, the premise is very similar to a viral video by Marina Shifrin, who quit her job via a viral video last year.  Regardless, this is bound to be great publicity for her new business once it launches.  Of course, we are all eager to what she has planned, and what her motivation was behind it.  Fortunately, she is bound to be doing quite a few interviews During the days following the advert.

Will the New Focus on Small Business Work?

That is the big question.  With the remarkable figures they had last year, it will be interesting to see how well the new focus on small business will work.  With the anticipation for this second advert climbing, we think it will.  How many of you have always wanted, but never had the courage to run your own business, let alone announce it to your boss!  We think there is some resonance here.

So What About the First Advert Slot?

The first advert is all about GoDaddy's "Get Found" product that is aimed to help promote your business.

Customers using Get Found will be showcased on the Web, mobile websites and apps including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, YP (Yellowpages), Citysearch, TripAdvisor, OpenTable,, Judy’s Book, MerchantCircle and MojoPages.

GoDaddy said in their news release:

An average consumer uses more than two different online sources when looking for information about business, and when they see missing or conflicted information, they usually go to a competitor,” said GoDaddy Vice President and General Manager of Discovery Marketing Products Rene Reinsberg. “Businesses miss potential revenue when they can’t be found online, and we are making it dRop-dead simple for them to get onto all the top websites.

In the commercial you get to see Danica Patrick, wearing a full bodysuit along with other bodybuilders, running down a street to a tanning salon.  You can see the full advert below:

What do you think?

Are the adverts going to be a success?  Or are they not going to captivate the same level of viral activity as they did before?

With the build up of the woman quitting her job in front of 100,000,000 people ... well, we don't even watch the Superbowl (UK based), but we are certainly anxious to see it.

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