A Small Insight into DreamHost via their Marketing Intern


A Small Insight into DreamHost via their Marketing Intern

We have a great Insight into DreamHost and their inner workings thanks to their Marketing Intern who has written about her experiences at the company.

We were recently looking over the DreamHost blog for some exciting news to report on (they haven't posted anything about their company or new features for quite a while), and an interesting article about the first days of a new DreamHost Intern struck our eye.

Unfortunately, the real reason we were first interested was the picture of nachos, an empty beer bottle (we spent too much time trying to work out if it was beer or wine) and the kind of cool coffee machine as well as the insight into the DreamHost building where they all work.

 Michelle NieThe new intern is Michelle Nie, the typical overachiever (her CV is full of extracurricular activities, such as Campus Ambassador, Publications Committee Member, Chief Technical Officer Intern and Mentor, etc.) that will always have a choice of working anywhere she pleases, or so we suspect.  This did subsequently peak our interest on why she chose DreamHost bearing in mind her qualifications, but thinking about it DreamHost is a highly reputable company so there would certainly be a lot of scope for advancement.  She attended UC Berkeley with a major in business administration, with an interest in Marketing (hence the Marketing internship at DreamHost).  According to her LinkedIn profile, her aims while at DreamHost are the following:

  • Develop a social media marketing strategy for Q4, including an optimized posting schedule
  • Perform market research, including analyzing competitors and interpreting performance over time
  • Create original content for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and DreamHost's blog

In her own words:

My main goal for the internship is to contribute to the Marketing team’s efforts by developing a new social media strategy. As for my own personal goal, I plan to learn as much as I can in the next few months about marketing, the company, and the web hosting industry.

Now, we always mean to report more on what DreamHost is up to, and to some extent we monitor their Dreamscape Blog, but it has never clicked at something we can regularly cover.  Many of the articles are too generic, or not even about DreamHost, and their last newsletter was back in February which said almost nothing. To be honest, was not very interesting regarding the information we can report on (don't get us wrong, there are some good articles there, just more generic in nature, rather than news).  So it is interesting that a new marketing intern is currently working to improve DreamHost's social media strategy, including looking at content for their blog.

Anyway, Michelle kindly posted an image of here workspace area which shows quite a clean office environment with some rather cool decoration on the back wall.  It is unknown if this is where the technical support guys work, but we suspect not in that particular area (too many fluffy animals, plus it looks a little too tidy!).  The office seems significant in size giving a much more sense of credibility that says a host that requires all its workers to work at home (Site5 for instance), and genuinely between the image below, and our first image a great place to work.  You don't have beer or nachos without some sense of community spirit!

dreamhost office

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