Direct email to management + No late fees at Eleven2


Direct email to management + No late fees at Eleven2

Great News! You can now contact the management at Eleven2 directly, plus if you forget to make payment or make a payment late there are no late fees.

Eleven2 has announced two initiatives to improve customer relations. Firstly, they have released an email address that allows customers to contact directly management. Secondly, they have abolished late fees on late payments.

Direct Email to Management at Eleven2

We have all been there ... frustrated at slow response time, lack of resolution or panicked that your issue has not been resolved and that the tech support is not taking it seriously. You send rather terse, panic-stricken annoyed responses to support, but nothing happens, or you feel like nothing is happening because you are not being updated on the situation.  You feel helpless.  You take to Twitter, or Webhostingtalk or other review websites to complain ... things don't seem to be getting better.

Well, we just hope you are never in that position, but if you are what we described above is NOT the right approach.  The right approach is to ask for a manager to review your ticket, ... but wouldn't it be better if you could contact the manager yourself to help resolve the issue?

Well, Eleven2 has recently launched the ability of their customers to have a direct line to their management team by emailing [email protected]  They ask that you provide the following information:

  • Ticket ID
  • Email listed on the account
  • A brief summary of the complaint and what you feel needs to be done differently

A manager is available will be available to respond between 8 a.m. until midnight CDT Monday to Friday.

What does the Eleven2 Manager do when they get your email?

The manager will review your ticket, and get the appropriate people working on your ticket to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, as well as resolve and address and correct any failures that caused you to feel the need to contact the managers directly.

Our thoughts

We are great fans of being able to contact management in the hosting business.  Sometimes they can bring clear and decisive action to bear to get your issue solved very quickly and get your issue in the hands of a senior technical specialist where the issue is too large in scope for a junior level 1 tech to diagnose and resolve.

Eleven2 are not the only company to do this (Hostnine & A Small Orange as just one example have had a manager email contact for a while), so if you are ever upset about how your issue is being solved, it is always worth asking for your ticket to be escalated to a manager, or ask for a contact email for the managers yourself.  This is a much better way to get your issue resolved than screaming on social media, forums or review websites.  Of course, if you still don't get the resolution you still have that option to fall back on! (not that we recommend it!)

Late Fees Abolished at Eleven2

Just a small announcement from Eleven2, about their late fee policy.  As from today, they will not add any late fees, no matter how overdue the invoice is.  What's more, if you currently have an overdue invoice with a late fee applied you can open a sales ticket to get it removed.

Is this a sign of increasing competition?

Many web hosts can spend $10-$100 or in the case of the larger brands even more to acquire new web hosting customers.  Even Google adverts for web hosting are among the most expensive around, so is this a sign that this perhaps unpopular billing policy of charging late fees is an attempt to keep customers happy in the long term.

We were looking at some forum threads on the issue of late fees, and surprisingly many web hosts "don't see anything wrong with habitually late clients receiving a little motivation to start paying on time. "  In fact, quite a few responded to queries relating to whether to charge late fees, with "as long as it is your terms of service it is OK."

Well, for us, ... it is not OK.  Quite often people will not pay because of innocent problems with their card, or something.  Do you think it is a good policy to charge late fees on web hosting plans for an innocent mistake?  If you do, well, don't expect any sympathy from us when you client cancels their account and goes elsewhere!

We are not the only ones who think like this:

Highly unpopular and very unprofessional, it seems. We stopped doing things. However, it is in our TOS in case we'd like to exercise this option.

So, we say to Eleven2, thumbs up to you!

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