New SMS Account Alerts + Twitter Support at SiteGround


New SMS Account Alerts + Twitter Support at SiteGround

You can now elect to receive important alerts via SMS, as well as register your Twitter handle to enable you to receive better support via Twitter.

SiteGround has recently launched two new features. Firstly, you can now configure your account to alert you to key events via SMS. Secondly, you can verify your Twitter or Facebook account to enable SiteGround's support team to be more helpful when responding to any support requests via social media.

New SMS Account Alerts at SiteGround

Over the last couple of weeks, SiteGround has implemented a new SMS Alert system that will send you important messages about the status of your account.  For existing customers, this has been automatically activated for those who had mobile numbers on file.

Before you worry about receiving lots of spam text messages ... don't worry.  The texts are most likely to be used for usage problems, or billing failures that may result in possible downtime for your website.

You can manage your mobile number within the "My Details Section" within the Customer Area.  The option to enable disable SMS notifications is located within the SMS Notification settings area, as shown below.


Many of the most common reasons for website suspension is due to innocent problems that are very easy to fix (PayPal issue, a rogue plugin causing excessive CPU usage), that perhaps you would have fixed quickly and easily had you known about the problem.  The fact that SiteGround implements feature to make sure potential problems are brought to your attention before the website is suspended is a welcome sign.

Great job SiteGround!

SiteGround Offers Support via Social Media

Have you ever wondered how safe it is for hosting companies to conduct support via Twitter, when quite simply there is no real way to verify that the person the host is talking to is the actual customer?  Don't get us wrong; we are not implying that hosting companies divulge private information, or indeed carry out all but the simplest of actions based on a Twitter request ... but that is half the problem.  Without having a verified instruction, the amount a host can do is limited.

Well, SiteGround has resolved this.  You can now add your Twitter and Facebook profiles to your Customer Area.  This means that when you reach out to SiteGround via  Facebook or Twitter, they can find your account information much faster.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should probably best use their ticket, telephone or live chat support if you don't want to divulge any private information over a public medium.  But it is a nice touch, and particularly useful to those who like to alert their host to a problem with their account, or just simply ask a question.

To add your Twitter and Facebook account to your account, it is as simple logging into your user area and adding the account profile links for your accounts.

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