Bluehost Launches New Website Design

Bluehost have launched a new website design featuring a much more modern style and responsive for easy browsing on mobiles.

So, we believe the Bluehost website has been live for a while, but today we discovered that Bluehost had launched a new website design. It seems a recurring theme lately for web hosts to revisit their web designs. From Namecheap's new design to Hostnine's upcoming new website launch, it seems a necessity to appear modern, and up to date.

So, what do we think of the new Bluehost web design?

It is simple.  It is easy to find where everything is, the usability is good, and it looks quite smart.  Our only negative points are that it is quite bright on the eyes when staring at it for a while, and it is not responsive ... oh well ...

bluehost launch new web design

You can get an idea of what it looks like via the screenshot above.  We have included a shot of the old website below just for comparison purposes.


Update July 11th, 2014 — Bluehost launches new Domain Registration Interface

It is not so long ago when Bluehost launched their new website design, but already they have added functionality with a brand-new Domain Registration interface.  The new interface lets you quickly search the new TLDs such as ". buzz" or ". menu" or even ". guru", as well improving the domain search functionality.

You can access the new domain registration interface by clicking the Register option under the "Domains" tab and searching for a domain:

bluehost register domain

The real power of the new features come into play once you click "Check", as you will get a full list of suggested domains, as well as some alternative new TLD's that you might wish to consider.  Quite often you will be able to get some great names for the new TLD's as there will be more choice due to less competition.  You can see below the examples given for the search we did above:

bluehost domain search results

To purchase any of the domains, you simply need to click the green cart button.  However, there is more you can do to filter the results to narrow down the suggestions.  On the left of the screen, you will have a list of filters that you can apply so you can filter results by type of TLD (i.e. standard, new, suggest or premium) as well as select certain new TLD categories to narrow down the suggestions (i.e. business, culture, education, etc.).  You can see a screenshot below:

Bluehost new tld suggestions

More and more companies are starting to use more sophisticated Domain search functionality, so it is great to see that Bluehost has made the upgrade themselves.

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