Namecheap October News — Offers, New Namecheap iOS App and New TLDS


Namecheap October News — Offers, New Namecheap iOS App and New TLDS

Some Namecheap News for October — Exclusive offers, new Namecheap iOS app, and find out what new TLD's launch in October.

We have three items of news today for Namecheap that we thought we would share with you, including the new iOS App, new TLDs, and some exclusive offers.

New Namecheap iOS App Launched

By the sound of Namecheap's announcement, we got the impression that they didn't previously have an iOS App.  Further investigations, however,  revealed that the new app is merely an iteration of one they have had for a couple of years.  The app runs on both the iPhone and the iPad and requires iOS 6.1 or later, and is optimized for the iPhone 5 and above.  You can download the new iOS app directly from iTunes.


  • Search, register and renew domains
  • Manage DNS, WhoisGuard settings, and auto-renewal preferences
  • Add and manage Address Profiles
  • Add Namecheap funds to your account
  • Submit and manage support tickets

As you can see from the feature list, the app is very feature rich and allows you to do most tasks easily.  The ability to manage support tickets is a nice touch, and great if you need to get in contact with Namecheap when on the move.  Plus, the app now supports the new TLDs.  You can see some screenshots of the new app below:

ios namecheap app ios namecheap app

ios namecheap app ios namecheap app

Any Love for Android Users?

This was one of the first questions we tried to get to the bottom of when we only saw iOS on the Namecheap announcement.  It didn't take long for our Google search to provide the answer, and that was "no".  It is not the first time this question has been asked either, with the tweet below originating on the 20 December 2012:

And, in January of this year, the question was asked again in the Namecheap forum and the response by Namecheap was as follows:

Unfortunately there is no application for Android for now, but I went ahead and forwarded your suggestion to the responsible representatives for further consideration.

As you can see, users have been clambering for an Android App for some time, but it seems Namecheap have not yet got around to it despite indicating they would be several times over the past couple of years.  Again, just last week the request for an Android app was made by Namecheap customers:

Hopefully, they will commission this app soon!

New Top Level Domains (TLD's)

During October 13 new TLD's will be released to the general public.  The new domains are kind of interesting and cover legal, military, locations, and "deals":

  • on Oct. 1: .deals
  • on Oct. 6: .desi
  • on Oct. 8: .nyc, .city, .lawyer, .attorney
  • on Oct. 14: .okinawa
  • on Oct. 15: .soy
  • on Oct. 22: .healthcare, .airforce, .army, .navy, .vet

We think some of these TLD's may be very popular, such as "deals", or "lawyer," so if you are interesting in snapping up a great domain name we suggest you do so without delay.  You should be aware that some TLD's offer an early registration or Landrush phase that allow you to secure your domain name early for an additional fee.

It can be quite difficult to keep track of the hundreds of new TLD's that are due to be launched over the next couple of years, but fortunately, Namecheap has a great tracking page that will help.

Exclusive October Namecheap Coupon Codes

We have some exclusive offers for Namecheap Domains, Shared, Reseller and VPS hosting to offer you during October, thanks to Namecheap wishing to reward our readers.

  • 40% Off Reseller Hosting
  • 40% Off VPS Hosting
  • 20% Off Shared Hosting
  • 10% Off transfers/registrations of popular TLDs (com/net/org/info/biz)

You can find these offers on our Namecheap Coupons page, which is kept updated regularly.  Namecheap is our favorite Domain Registrar and comes very highly recommended for their hosting services too.  With these discounts, you truly can get a great deal.

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