FatCow raises $3000 for the American Cancer Society


FatCow raises $3000 for the American Cancer Society

FatCow raises $3000 for the American Cancer Society in their annual donation drive for their long supported charity.

It is always nice to hear of charitable donations and even more so in respect of FatCow's contribution to the American Cancer Society during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It is not the first time they have sponsored American Cancer Society with contributions by them going back as far as 2008 and references to sponsorship in the intervening years as well.

Sometimes, we get the impression that web hosting companies such as FatCow spend quite a lot of money on charitable causes.  Regardless of the reasons for doing so, we think it is great. In October 2013, FatCow invited customers and readers of its blog to display a simple banner (see image to the right as one of the choices) on their website, and for every website that does so, they will donate $1 to the  American Cancer Society.  Here are all the banner options if you're interested in donating:

Fight for a cure banner

This banner option is just a simple, yet effective "Fight For a Cure" saying.

October is breast cancer awareness month

"October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month" is another simple banner that gets the message out that you are caring and are willing to donate to a great cause. Cancer awareness Hope banner

Another option is the "Hope" banner. As you can see, this one is a little fancier and better in design than the first two, but they all still give off the same message. cancer awareness fight for the cure banner

This "Fight For the Cure" banner is just a fancier looking version of the first banner above.

october breast cancer awareness month banner

Again, this is another better-looking banner of the "Breast Cancer Awareness Month " from the second banner listed above. According to FatCow's recent announcement on the 1st November, they had more than 300 websites display the banner, with many sharing inspirational stories as well.  We can't quite tally how FatCow were able to donate $3000 as a result of the campaign, but it is all credit to them that they have donated so much.  Nice one FatCow! For those on the lookout for hosting, and if you are not too worried about cPanel, FatCow offers a very reasonable unlimited shared hosting plan, which you can find out more using the links below, but you should check out these FatCow Coupons to get a great deal.

Update Oct 24, 2014 — FatCow supports American Cancer Society again

FatCow named Oct 24, 2014, as "Pink" day in support of the American Cancer Society during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

During October FatCow will be donating a portion of their October proceeds to the American Cancer Society as well as $1 for each FatCow customer that displays a pink badge on their website. The badges and Landing page to find out more is the same as last year.

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