Hostnine Media Hosting Plans Launched


Hostnine Media Hosting Plans Launched

Hostnine Media Hosting plans have just been launched with high level support for many popular video hosting scripts.

Editor's note - 21st September 2015: It appears that Hostnine is no longer offering the Media plans.  We do not know why this is, but they do still have their reseller plans upon which they were based. We also no longer recommend Hostnine.

Hostnine has recently launched new Media Hosting plans that are optimized to allow you to deliver videos throughout US, UK, Asia and the Netherlands.  The hosting plans are based on their popular reseller plans so that with Level 2 or above you can use an individual cPanel account for each site you own.

We were curious to find out whether there were any hardware differences between Hostnine Media Hosting and Hostnine Reseller Hosting, so we opened up a Live chat with them to find out a little more.  As it happens there are absolutely no differences between the two plans, save that the different plans have different configurations for Storage Space, Bandwidth and addon domains.  One other noticeable and significant difference was the support given for various Video Scripts:

    • ClipShare
    • PHPmotion
    • Clip-Bucket
    • VidiScript
    • AVS
    • Clip Center
    • Rayzz
    • ClipHouse
    • PHP Melogy
    • VideoWatch

We must admit that we are not overly familiar with these scripts (although you can see a pretty decent summary here), but one great thing is that Hostnine will offer custom support for them.  When choosing a host for video hosting it is best to review the terms and conditions, particularly on hosts offering unlimited space and bandwidth.  It is not unknown for video hosting websites to be specifically excluded from be allowed, and, therefore, this makes Hostnine a safe and great choice for media hosting, especially as their Reseller Plans are highly recommended by us.

Is this a good solution?

That is a good question. We still think that if you have a Global audience that you may be better with a dedicated Video hosting solution such as Amazon Web Services, Vimeo, or something like Wistia.  Even something like MaxCDN to separately host your videos might be worthwhile.  The reason is that it is always better to host your videos as close to your audience as possible to reduce latency, and performance.  Using one of the services mentioned above will enable you to distribute your videos to multiple locations around the world to facilitate this.

As such, you might just decide to go with a normal hosting plan, and use one of these services instead, and indeed that is what we would recommend, despite being highly positive about Hostnine, and its sister brand A Small Orange.

Hostnine Media Hosting Plans

You can see the different Hostnine Media hosting plans below.  One thing to note is that the Level 1 plan only includes one addon domain, and is limited to just the US location.

HostNine Media Hosting plans

If you were to host many videos, the storage space allowances might not be sufficient, at least not for large sites that host many hundreds of videos.  Of course, 5GB for just $4.95 is still a great deal, and as they are marketing it as specifically for Media Hosting, then they won't have restrictive terms and conditions that you may find many unlimited hosting plans.  Even their $14.95 plan for the 50GB plan is excellent value.

Please also remember that with our  Hostnine coupons you can get 15% off your first invoice, so if used in combination with the discounts you can get for signing up for longer periods you can make some significant savings.

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