SiteGround Launches Updated website Design


SiteGround Launches Updated website Design

SiteGround has recently launched a new website design that features a fully responsive mobile design as well as completely unique imagery rather than stock.

SiteGround Reviews has recently launched a new look for their website featuring a fully responsive design along with custom photographs taken by their designer to more adequately reflect their branding and ethos of their highly "custom made approach."

We suspect the new website was influenced by the new Mobile Friendly Algorithm launched on the 21st April whereby Google gives preference in the Mobile SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position) to websites that are deemed friendly to users browsing via their smartphone.

Fully Responsive website

siteground mobile

As you can see from the photo above, the new website is fully responsive which means it will automatically adapt to the screen size and resolution to allow all the data to be shown on the screen without having to zoom in. This is a similar approach to what we have taken on our own website, and you can try it out on a desktop by re-sizing the browser window to see how the website changes to adapt to the different browser window size.

We did a quick video of their new website showing the changes that happen when the screen is re-sized, as well as checking out some of the new stylings.

No More Stock Imagery

The SiteGround website underwent a major overhaul a couple of years ago, where they introduced the Origami branding concept, along with the motto "Crafted with Care". As you can see, the Jenga blocks and origami features heavily on their website to demonstrate their handmade solutions are one of the main selling points that people love about them. In keeping with that, all the images now on the website have been taken by their own in-house designer around their own office (which you see here). You can get a sense of the new stock imagery in the video above.

Final Thoughts

SiteGround is trying to make a splash in the web hosting market, with bright and visually stunning branding that does give an air of success and authority. Certainly, we are a big fan of the new stock images, and website design, even though the old origami videos now look a little out of place with the more vibrant coloring rather than the very subtle colors in the new imagery. We are nitpicking, though, as SiteGround now have one of the best looking hosting websites around.

For those interested in finding out more about SiteGround you can read our detailed review here, or grab 60 percent off their hosting plans with our exclusive offer here.

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