How to Delete Email Accounts in Cpanel

A short tutorial showing How to Delete Email Accounts in Cpanel. The process can be carried out within a minute with just a few clicks.

We have previously shown how to create an email account in cPanel, but what if you want to delete the email account you created? This short tutorial will show you how to remove an email account in cPanel in just a few steps.

There are a few reasons why you might want to delete your account, including the obvious reason of not needing that email account anymore. It can, however, be a very easy way to delete all of your emails quickly. By removing the account and remaking it, you can then start afresh with all of your emails deleted.


STEP 1 — Click on the Email Accounts Icon

The first step is to click on the Email Accounts icon, shown boxed in red in the image below under the Mail section of cPanel. This will allow you access the Email Accounts management screen where you can carry out many tasks including "change password," change quota" or "delete" your email account.

how to delete email accounts in cpanel

STEP 2 — Select the "Delete" Option for your chosen email account

Once you have loaded the Email Accounts section in cPanel you will see a list of all your current email accounts as shown below:

current email accounts

We have boxed in red the "Delete" button, which when pressed will show a confirmation checking that you want to delete that particular email account. You will have the option to "Cancel" or confirm your wish to "Delete" the account.

By deleting your email account you will remove all copies of any emails currently being stored on the server, so you are advised to make sure you have copied any important emails before doing so.

That is all there is to it. Deleting an email account in cPanel is as simple as a few clicks.

Troubleshooting / FAQ’s

I can’t delete my email account after deleting domain from cPanel

This is a common issue that needs the input of someone with Root access to remove “symbolic” links to the mailboxes that can sometimes be left behind.  This problem can be avoided by deleting the email accounts before deleting the addon domain.

Alternatively, re-add the domain back to the account in cPanel and delete the email account before deleting the domain.  You do not need to configure any DNS when doing this.

How do I delete multiple email accounts in cPanel

There is no easy way to delete multiple email accounts in cPanel in one go, and if you only have a small number we recommend deleting them via the cPanel interface.

However, if you have many email accounts that you need to remove, and you have root access, it is possible to mass delete your email accounts using a script.  We have not verified this script, but you may wish to check out this solution on the cPanel forums.

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