How to Change Your Email Account Password in cPanel


How to Change Your Email Account Password in cPanel

A Short tutorial showing How to Change Your Email Account Password in cPanel. With our tutorial this can be done in seconds with just a few clicks.

After creating your email account in cPanel, you may find yourself needing to change the account password. Whether you have forgotten your password or need to change it for security purposes, this tutorial will show you how to update your email account password in just a few steps.

This tutorial assumes you have logged into cPanel.

Instructions to Change your Email Password

STEP 1 — Click on the Email Accounts Icon

The step is to access the email account admin. screen by clicking on the Email Accounts icon shown boxed in red in the image below under the Mail section of cPanel.

how to change your email account password in cpanel

Step 2 — Select the "Change Password" option for your chosen email account

As you can see on the next screen, there are various actions you can take, including "change password" as shown edged red in the screenshot below. This is the option we need.

change password cpanel

STEP 3 — Enter new password

Once you click the "change password" option, a new section will appear just underneath which allows you to enter a new password.

cpanel set new password

You will need to confirm the password by entering it a second time. You will see a "strength" field which will show a number between 0 and 100 indicating the complexity of your password. The higher the strength, the safer your password will be. By default cPanel will not let you set a password with a strength lower than 40, but your web hosting provider may have changed this to require a stronger password.

We recommend using the Password Generator when changing your email password, as this is much more secure. To use this click the "password generator" button next to the Strength field. A pop-up box will appear as shown below:

cpanel password generator

To ensure you have recorded your new password cPanel will require you to confirm that you have copied this to a secure location. To use the password just click the "use password" button and it will copy it to the relevant fields in the previous screen. You can alter the way cPanel generates your email password in the advanced options by specifying the length of the password, as well as whether to use capital letters \ numbers.

STEP 4 — Click "Change Password."

Once you are happy with your chosen password, click the "Change Password" button as shown below:

change password

You will then see confirmation that the password has been changed:

email password changed confirmation

As you can see, changing your password is very easy within cPanel.

Further Reading

Troubleshooting \ FAQ’s

Can you Force an Email Password Change?

While you can force a user to change their cPanel Account Password, the same is not true for Email passwords. That being said, you can set a max age for Email account passwords, which upon expiry will force the user to change it the next time they log in. They will then need to input their old password, along with their new password.

Do you have to be logged into cPanel to change your email password?
Do you need to know your email password to change it?

No. There are two ways to change your password.

  • Password Unknown — You can change your password as per the instructions in this tutorial.
  • Password Known — You may also change your password via the webmail interface.
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