How to Change your Email Quota in cPanel

A Short tutorial showing How to Change Your Email Quota in cPanel. With our tutorial this can be done in seconds with just a few clicks.

Quite often when an email account is created in cPanel, the email account quota is left as default (often 100MB or 250MB), which can fill up fairly quickly on even a relatively quiet email account. So if you run out of space on your email account, our tutorial showing how to amend your email quota in cPanel will show you how to fix this in just a few steps.

The tutorial assumes that you have already logged into cPanel, and are ready to alter the email account settings.


STEP 1 — Click on the Email Accounts Icon

The first step is to click on the "Email Accounts" icon in the Mail section of cPanel. This will take you to the list of all your email accounts that you have previously created.

Click on the Email Accounts Icon

STEP 2 — Select the "Change Quota" Option for your chosen Email Account

As you can see on the screenshot below, you can take several actions for each email account. In this case, we will be changing the email quota, so click the "Change Quota" to reveal the settings.

change quota

STEP 3 — Enter New Mailbox Quota

Once the "Change Quota" option is pressed, the option to change it will slide out from underneath. You can choose a particular size of mailbox quota in cPanel, or select Unlimited. However, this is subject to your web hosting provider's restrictions. Some hosts may limit you to a maximum of 250MB or 500MB while others will impose no such limits and just refer to the hosting plans overall disk space limitations. You can see a screenshot of the settings screen below:

set mailbox quota cpanel

If choosing a Mailbox Quota you will need to ensure a green tick is showing to ensure the quota specified conforms to the following:

  • Is within your web hosting plan's limitations.
  • On 32 bit operating systems the maximum allowed is 4096GB or 4TB on 64-bit operating systems.

Also, the mailbox quota amount does not include emails located in your mailbox's trash folder.

STEP 4 — Click "Change Quota."

Once you are happy with your chosen settings, click the "Change Quota" button to confirm the changes.

mailbox quota changed

Email Notifications

If your host sets limitations on the maximum mailbox size, they may have set email notifications to be sent out when you near your mailbox quota allotment. By default (and the host could have easily have modified this) the admin. area for cPanel (WHM) has three warnings configured:

  • Mailbox disk quota “warn” percentage — 80% Full
  • Mailbox disk quota “critical” percentage — 90% Full
  • Mailbox disk quota “full” percentage — 98% Full

This should give you an adequate warning on when you might need to take action, and either delete some old emails, or modify your email box quota as outlined above.

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