Eleven2 launches Instant Auto Install SSL Certificates


Eleven2 launches Instant Auto Install SSL Certificates

Eleven2 has recently launched a system that instantly issues and then automatically installs your SSL certificate for you in just a few minutes.

Eleven2 has recently launched a new system for issuing and installing SSL certificates. When you order an SSL certificate with Eleven2, you will receive a code, which when inserted into their installer along with some contact details will complete all the tasks needed to request and install an SSL certificate in less than a minute.

Over the last few years, and discounting the web hosts that take care of everything for you manually, this must be the most simple and easiest SSL installation method we have seen. We are impressed.

The instant SSL installer was created by www.autoinstallssl.com, who in effect act as a middle man between the SSL certificate companies and the web host. We suspect as more web hosting providers see the benefit of this system (fewer support requests, better experience for customers) its use will become more widespread.

How to install an SSL certificate at Eleven2 with their Auto Installer

The steps to order an SSL certificate with Eleven2 are very simple:

1. Order your chosen SSL Certificate via the account area.

Eleven2 offer a range of different SSL, including wild-card and EV (green bar) certificates. You can see the pricing below:

New instant issue and auto install SSL certificates at Eleven2

Once ordered you will receive an email with your Token Code, which you can then use with their Auto Installer:

How to install an eleven2 SSL certificate

2. Click the AutoInstall SSL icon in your cPanel dashboard

You can access the auto installer via the cPanel dashboard by clicking on the AutoInstall SSL icon from within the Security section as shown below:

click the autoinstall SSL icon in cpanel

3. Enter your Token Code and Token ID

After clicking the AutoInstall SSL icon in cPanel, you will be asked to enter the Token Code and Token ID that you received by email after ordering your SSL certificate.

You will need to select the "Do you have TokenCode & Token ID?" box to enter the code. A screenshot of the form is below:

Enter token code

4. Specify Domain and whether to secure the WWW version of the domain

Once you have verified the token, you will be taken to the next page which will provide a summary of your SSL certificate, but also ask for you to choose the domain for the SSL to be installed on as well as enter your contact details.

To choose your domain click on the "Domain/webspace" box and select your chosen domain. You are then asked whether to use "www" during the CSR generation. We recommend clicking this box as it will then give you the option of using "www" or the "non-www" version of your URL.

CSR generation

5. Enter your contact details

On the same page underneath where you entered your domain you will need to enter your contact details:

enter contact details

Once you have entered all your contact information, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

6. Wait while the AutoInstaller does everything for you

This is the easy part, and what makes this system so powerful. The Installer will do the following:

  • Validate your Tokens
  • Generate the CSR and Private Key
  • Verify the CSR and contact details
  • Connect with the SSL provider to request the SSL certificate
  • Validate the certificate and check your order
  • Download the SSL certificate
  • Install the SSL certificate
  • Verify the SSL certificate has installed correctly

You can see a screenshot of this in progress below:

auto configure ssl

This process usually only takes one or two minutes to complete the whole process.

Post Installation — Management

After the installation is complete you have a number of options to manage your SSL Certificate, including:

  • Checking your SSL Installation
  • Re-Issue your certificate
  • Re-Install your certificate
  • Retrieve your Private Key for backup
  • Download your certificate

You can see the options in the screenshot below:

manage your eleven2 ssl

Video Run Through

Want to see how quick the process is? Check out this video tutorial created by Eleven2 showing all the steps above in real time (although they did speed up entering their contact details):

Final Thoughts

While installing an SSL certificate is not complicated for those who know what they are doing, for people who have never done it before it can be confusing. This whole process saves the user from having to generate the CSR via their hosting control panel, sending it to their SSL provider and then installing the various certificates (CSR, Private Key, Certificate, Intermediate Bundle) back at the web host. This can be time-consuming and confusing.

Of course, there are web hosting providers that will install everything for you, especially when you purchase it via the hosting provider itself but that usually entails communicating any required information via ticket (such as contact details) and this in itself can cause delays.

After seeing the video by Eleven2, we are big fans of the new SSL AutoInstaller.

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