GoDaddy Launches WordPress Plugin Partner Program


GoDaddy Launches WordPress Plugin Partner Program

GoDaddy has recently announced the launch of a new program designed to aid WordPress Plugin Creators. The announcement was made at WordCamp US last weekend with the aim of promoting the discovery and use of plugins within the WordPress community.

GoDaddy has recently announced the launch of a new program designed to aid WordPress Plugin Creators. The announcement was made at WordCamp US last weekend with the aim of promoting the discovery and use of plugins within the WordPress community.

The GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program is unique, as it provides exclusive support, developer-centric tuning assistance to plugin creators and also gives them significantly increased exposure via direct referrals.

Once a plugin creator is verified by GoDaddy, they can display the official GoDaddy Plugin Partner Badge:

godaddy pro plugin partnerThey will also see their plugins promoted by GoDaddy to its customers via wp-admin integration, a page highlighting plugin partners and the Hot 100 (see screenshot below), a compilation of the 100 most popular plugins and themes if that particular plugin is on it. You can see that Ninja Forms has been highlighted a member of the Partner Program on the Hot 100 below:

Top 100 WordPress Plugins Garage

While the Partner Program is still currently in Beta, there have been some notable sign-ups, including iThemes, Pippin's Plugins, Ninja Forms and ManageWP.

Benefits of the GoDaddy Partner Program

While we have touched on the main advantages of the Partner Program, it is useful to touch on some of the more subtle benefits both for plugin creators, and consumers:

Benefits for Plugin Authors:

  • Free to participate.
  • Select partners get exposure to our millions of WordPress customers — This is done via multiple methods, but most significantly via a particular section within the WordPress admin. area.
  • Opportunity to participate in plugin offers through our Web Pro deals program. This is a program that provides Web Pro Users a minimum of 30 percent off the regular price of GoDaddy products, and special offers off third party products.
  • Clear support channel.
  • Priority support for resolving hosting environment conflicts.
  • Plugin metrics for your products.
  • Platform transparency.
  • A distinctive badge for plugin partners and for those that are on the GoDaddy Hot 100.

Benefits for Customers:

  • A curated list of high-quality plugins.
  • Access to exclusive plugin deals.
  • Quick resolution of plugin hosting environment conflicts.
  • Quick and easy plugin installs.
  • Guarantee that plugins are supported and maintained.
  • Worry-free plugin recommendations.

Announcement at WordCamp US

The announcement of the GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program was made last weekend at WordCamp US. Jeff King, SVP & GM Hosting, Security at GoDaddy said:

We're thrilled to be a part of the WordCamp US conference and celebrations this week, and to announce our Plugin Partnership Program, the first of its kind to market.

Through new relationships fostered by this program, we hope to help authors stand out among the over 40,000 plugins and roughly 10,000 themes in the rapidly growing and expansive ecosystem, raise the bar for plugins, drive more downloads and delight customers with quality offerings.

In response to the announcement, Cory Miller, CEO or iThemes commented:

Today, we're pumped to be able to talk about a new partnership that'll make things better for WordPress users and our mutual customers with GoDaddy. This partnership shows due diligence, transparent conversations and wanting to do what's best for the customer first. We're very optimistic this is a great day for WordPress users and our customers alike.

How GoDaddy has supported the WordPress Community in 2015

GoDaddy has a long commitment to the WordPress Community, with GoDaddy having sponsored and contributed to many events throughout 2015:

  • Sponsored WordCamp US
  • Sponsored WordCamp events throughout the year as a "Superb" sponsor in Asia/Pacific, Canada, Europe, Africa, Latin and South America and the United States.
  • Sponsored WordCamp EU
  • Sponsored related industry events including PrestigeConf, PressNomics, and others
  • Contributed in-person time at 40+ WordCamps and other open source events totaling hundreds of person-hours in 2015
  • Gave presentations on Creating Clear CTAsContent Marketing and Personal Productivity at WordCamp NYC, WordCamp Switzerland, WordCamp DFW and other events
  • Created over 200 WordPress-oriented educational articles to date on the GoDaddy Garage
  • Supported industry podcasts including the DradCast, WPWatercooler, WPWeekly and others
  • Contributed to industry publications including WPTavern and WPMayor
  • Continued development and support of open source WordPress plugins including the Plugin PerformanceProfiler (P3), which has been downloaded for free over 100,000 times and is available in the repository
  • Contributed to WordPress Japanese and Hindi internationalization and translation efforts

How to Join the GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program Beta

As we indicated previously, the Partner Program is still in beta, and GoDaddy claims that any early partners who sign up will help shape its future.

You can apply by visiting the application page here. There are three stages to the application:

  • Submit Application — This will be reviewed by the GoDaddy's internal partner and WordPress teams
  • Complete Verification — Once approved you will need to complete the plugin verification and agree to partnership commitments. There are some requirements for approval:
    • 5K active installs on GoDaddy
    • No significant outstanding platform compatibility issues
    • Not blacklisted
    • No hooks or affiliate links to other hosting companies
  • Display the badge — The final stage involves displaying the GoDaddy Partner Badge and get listed as a verified provider
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