Arvixe Customer Satisfaction Surveys 2014


Arvixe Customer Satisfaction Surveys 2014

A Summary of all the Monthly Customer Surveys carried out by Arvixe during 2014.

Every month Arvixe publish their satisfaction surveys, along with a video testimonial from one lucky customer that responded to the survey.

Arvixe Customer Satisfaction Surveys September 2014 — December 2014

It seems a little late in the day to be posting about the Arvixe September 2014 Survey results, and with the Christmas break, we are reporting on this a couple of weeks late.  Nevertheless, this still marks the time before when EIG purchased the company in November. September saw the positive "would recommend Arvixe" figures significantly improve over the previous two months, with 94.1 percent being positive.  3416 surveys were sent out, of which 322 responded with an average rating of 8.8416.  This is a very similar response rate to the previous months.  Well, these figures are as per the Arvixe blog post. Having dug a little deeper, and finding that their automated live survey page automatically updated the relevant statistics and recorded them by month, we do wonder how they arrived at these figures. For instance, on the website the September figures state that 91.37 percent of those surveyed would recommend Arvixe, and that 3538 surveys were sent out with 313 responses:

Arvixe Customer Satisfaction Surveys September 2014 – December 2014Don't get us wrong; there doesn't seem to be a conspiracy here fiddling the figures, as they all appear to be in the low 90s, so there is no real benefit to them adjusting them by a percent here and there.  It just strikes us as a little odd that they do not match. One reason for the delay in their blog post is most likely due to the prize Arvixe hand out each month to a lucky person who responded with their testimonial.  We believe to claim the prize they have to do a video testimonial, which may account for the delay.  This month, or should we say September, saw Chris of win a tablet.

Looking forward to OctoberNovember and December on the Live Survey pages we can see the results are 93.98 percent, 89.68 percent, and 93.55 percent respectively.  Could the lower November figure be a protest response to the EIG purchase of Arvixe or just an anomaly?  We suspect the latter, because we very much doubt many Arvixe customers, even now, would know about or even care about the purchase

Arvixe Customer Satisfaction Results August 2014

arvixe survey results augustArvixe has announced the results of their August Customer Satisfaction Survey, which showed that 92.51 percent would recommend their hosting service to others.  Rather surprisingly, this figure is the same as their June numbers, although the number of surveys and responses did differ.  Fortunately, this number regained some loss in satisfaction from their July Survey results with 92.27 percent satisfaction, although the difference here is minimal, showing that month after month Arvixe is continually able to please their customers.

A total of 3538 surveys were sent out during the month of August, with 334 responses and an average rating of 8.5868, slightly lower that June.

We are glad to see the Arvixe Customer Satisfaction Results August 2014 being published, even though Arvixe has now been bought by EIG.  Because Arvixe is decentralized in its management, with all staff working from their home, we suspect in the not so near future EIG will start to take a closer reign in on the management, including bringing that in-house. When that happens, it remains to be seen whether initiatives such as their monthly survey will continue.

Arvixe Customer Satisfaction Survey Results June 2014

arvixe June 2014 survey resultsArvixe has just announced the results of their June 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey, which again indicated a high level of recommendation from their existing users.  If you want to read more Arvixe Reviews, you can visit our Review page for both our editorial review and user reviews.

As we have mentioned previously, Arvixe encourages their users to fill out the customer survey by offering a random prize.  This month the prize was a Galaxy Tab 3.  A total of 3660 surveys were sent out, with 307 responses received.  The average rating for the response was 8.6645 and 92.51 percent said that they would recommend Arvixe to others.

Compared to the May 2014 figures, June shows significant improvement, with an increase of nearly 2.5 percent in the numbers who said they would recommend Arvixe.

Arvixe May 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

arvixe may survey resultsWe have probably already covered these results in our recent post about their live survey statistics, but we felt for completeness we should mention the  Arvixe May 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results.

3781 surveys were sent. Out of 352 survey responses the average rating was 8.5170 and 90.06 percent would recommend us.

As always, they always seem to get a fairly decent response to their surveys (around 105 is pretty good), encouraged by the prospect of winning something, such as a Galaxy Tab 3 in May.  While you cannot expect Arvixe to highlight any negative reviews, what this does do is show that Arvixe is encouraging feedback and using that as a tool to improve their service.  Being blind and ignorant to any issues is not a solution, and Arvixe will always be able to identify issues and resolve them before they become a problem.

Arvixe Live Survey Page — April 2014 Update

arvixe satisfactionWhile checking up on the latest Arvixe news via their support news page, we came across a post for their April Customer Satisfaction survey which indicated that during April 3660 surveys were sent. Out of 374 survey responses, the average rating was 8.4171 and 89.3 percent would recommend Arvixe to other people.  It seems they encourage feedback by giving out prizes, and in April someone was the lucky winner of a Galaxy Tab 4.

Well, looking a bit deeper, because April was quite a few months away, we found the live survey page that shows the live results of customers that return surveys.  Further information here indicates that Arvixe routinely sends out surveys every day to their customers and record the information on their results page.

What is interesting that as of today, they had sent out 5001 surveys in the last two months with 434 completions.  The average satisfaction rating over the last two months is 8.6, and 91.47 percent would recommend Arvixe.  This is some 2 percent higher than the month of April.  We thought this is quite interesting, bearing in mind Arvixe is a very recent addition to the web hosts that we have ourselves reviewed, and indeed the lack of User related views posted about Arvixe (as of the date of this post our review has only been live for two days).

A selection of the feedback posted on this page:

Without a doubt, the best host on the 'net. I am impressed with the rapid responses, knowledge of technical staff, who treat clients with respect, and services offered. Price is nice, too!
I've been a customer for a year or two now and my websites have never gone down. Everything runs more smoothly than it did for me at some of your competitors.

If you are an Arvixe customer, we will welcome your views on our User Reviews page here.

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