SiteGround Introduces Detailed Account Statistics


SiteGround Introduces Detailed Account Statistics

SiteGround have recently launched more detailed account statistics on their shared hosting to help identity and troubleshoot issues relating to your account.

SiteGround has just deployed a detailed account statistics system to give valuable insight into your account usage and enable you to troubleshoot any issues you have.

This is not just the same as "those" statistics packages which usually come with cPanel or other hosting control panels. The SiteGround system is intuitive and gives you extremely useful information that helps you manage your account, such as determining spammers (including the ability to identify and block analytics referral spam).

We have checked both the GoGeek plan, and our Cloud Plan (where this website is hosted), and it would appear that the advanced statistics functionality is only currently available on their Shared Hosting plans. We reached out to SiteGround to ask whether it will soon be available on the Cloud, and unfortunately it will not. Dimitar T, responded to our support question within 6 minutes (wow) with the following:

Note that the advanced statistics shows account's CPU and executions usage because of the limits we have on our shares hosting plans.

We do not have such limits on our Cloud servers and we do not collect such data.

Also our Cloud servers have different account's configuration compared to the shared accounts and such statistics cannot be implemented.

We think this is a real shame, as we like some of the features of the advanced statistics as you will see later in this article.

How to Access the New Account Statistics

The new account statistics are located at the bottom of the left-hand column of your cPanel. To access them you should click the green "Detailed Stats" button as shown in the screenshot below:

siteground detailed statistics

You will then be taken to the Account Statistics page, and be presented with two tabs: "Account Executions and Scripts", and "Domain Hit Stats". We will deal with both of these in turn, and discuss why the information may be useful.

Account Executions & Scripts

Here you will find a couple of graphs (you switch between them via the drop-down box) showing either your Script Executions or your CPU Usage. You can choose between a daily graph or weekly graph.

Underneath the graph, you will see a list of your top 10 most executed scripts which you can use to help identify plugins or other extensions that may be causing a heavy load on your website.

top 10 executed scripts

Quite often heavy loads are due to a bugged or badly coded plugin, but also can be due to not using caching correctly (i.e. you may have misconfigured or not activated the SuperCacher or other caching).

Executions Graph

account executions siteground stats

You can clearly see from the Script Executions graph your usage in red, as well as the normal (average) usage in blue. This enables you to see clearly whether you may have any issues that might need further investigation.

CPU Usage Graph

CPU Usage

Again, this helps to identify whether you may have any scripts using excessive CPU, or indeed help you plan when you may need to upgrade your account to a plan with more resources.

Domain Hit Stats

With the ever increasing popularity of Google Analytics Referral Spam (bots that visit your website and stating that they were referred from another website for advertising purposes) and other bots or malicious visits, it can be useful to be able to identify and block that activity. The domain hit stats help you do this by showing you the IP's of the users that are visiting your website, the files that were called and the user agent used when making those visits.

siteground domain hit stats

At the top of this section, there are two links showing how to block an IP address, and how to block a user agent. Blocking an IP address uses the standard cPanel functionality, but they have very helpfully referenced an excellent tool to assist in blocking a User Agent.

Rather than go into detail about how to do these two things, we will create some separate tutorials and reference them here in due course.

For more information on SiteGround, you can check out our review here, or get up to 60 percent off hosting with our exclusive offer here.

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