Namecheap enters E-Sports with Team Liquid Sponsorship


Namecheap enters E-Sports with Team Liquid Sponsorship

Namecheap has recently announced their sponsorship of Team Liquid, a professional E-sports team, with the intention to really get involved in E-sports.

Namecheap has recently announced their sponsorship of Team Liquid, a professional E-sports team.

Team liquid is a Dutch professional electronic sports team (i.e. gaming) that was founded back in 2000 by Victor Goossens and Joy Hoogeveen primarily as a website dedicated to reporting on Starcraft news.

It expanded into actual team sponsorship with the release of Starcraft Wings of Liberty in July 2010 and expanded into multiple games starting with Dota 2 in 2012. Team Liquid now sponsor half a dozen E-Sport teams including Counterstrike, Hearthstone, League of Legends, StarCraft, Super Smash Brothers and Street Fighter.

To get an idea of how big E-sports is, the Riot World Championships in September — October 2014 had 27 million watch the League of Legends World Championship, with 11.2 million peak viewership.

Team Liquid isn’t my favorite (joking!), but seeing the sponsor got my business! Just purchased my first domain and happy with the experience. Good work!

As you can see, just from this one sport and one of the many events carried out during the year, this represents a massive advertising opportunity for Namecheap.

Namecheap appears to have hired Sebastian Park to run their E-Sports and Digital Initiatives and from the looks of things the sponsorship is going down very well with E-Sports fans with many already transferring their domains to Namecheap. There seems to be a great camaraderie within E-Sports and great support generally of its sponsors.

Here is what an extract of what Team Liquid had to say:

During our earliest conversations with Namecheap, the first thing I did was to ask R1CH what he thought about them. His reply was that we were already using their services for our domains.

Having worked with R1CH for such a long time I've learned that his stamp of approval is the ultimate achievement for a tech company like this. Having heard that, I knew we had to make this deal to happen. There is no better promotion than the genuine usage of a company’s services. If we were using it before ever talking to them, we can certainly recommend that you do the same. [...]

I'm excited and proud to work alongside such a company. This sponsorship is not the only activity Namecheap will have in esports. They really plan to put themselves out there in order to become a part of the scene.

Needless to say it is important for major companies to see results from their investments in order to make them worth it. This means that the more people react to this sponsorship by picking them as the domain name registrar of their choice the better.

It is worth reading the whole announcement as they mention about Net Neutrality and their anti-SOPA position, commenting that as an industry that relies heavily on streaming that they are heavily dependent on the concept.

If you are an E-Sports fan, show your support and transfer your domains to Namecheap today.

You can find some great Namecheap offers here, including 10 percent off domain transfers and registrations.

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