Web Hosting Hub Launches New Website Design


Web Hosting Hub Launches New Website Design

Web Hosting Hub has recently Launched a New Website Design with a much smart more streamlined look as well as responsive design to enable mobile browsing.

Last month Web Hosting Hub Launched its new website design making it much more streamlined, sleek and modern in appearance. To be honest, the previous design was not the worst we have seen, and that only goes to credit Web Hosting Hub in doing all it can to give confidence and usability to its users.

In part, we suspect the new design was prompted with the new Mobile Friendliness Google Algorithm update which came into force on the 21st April. This gives priority in the Mobile SERPs to websites that are easy to use on Mobile Phones. Web Hosting Hub's new design is responsive, meaning that the website will adapt itself to the device it is being viewed on, whether desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphone.

In addition to being responsive, the new design is written to all the latest HTML5 standards, with a much smarter and streamlined navigation.

You can see a screenshot of the latest design below:

webhostinghub new website design (imported #26131)

Digging Deeper

It is not just the homepage that has seen the love of the designers. There are some clever design concepts to be found deeper in the website.

The Hub Power Unit

They have included a rather clever description of the HUB Power Unit, a collection of resources to easily demonstrate the differences between plans.

Webhostinghub new website power unit

This is an excellent way to show that while Web Hosting Hub offers unlimited hosting, that doesn't relate to resources such as Processing Time, Memory, Disk I/O or Dynamic Resource Allocation. We think this transparency is critical, with many other unlimited hosting providers choosing to leave this information to the small print in their terms and conditions.

The Right Plan For You

Another smart feature of their new website design is the diagram showing recommendations for their plans depending on what type of website you need to host.

what hosting plan required webhostinghub

They split it into three categories:

Plan A


Plan B


Plan C


The cynical among us would see this as an attempt to encourage people to sign up for more expensive plans, but here we see that their basic plan is perfectly ok for the majority of websites such as WordPress or Joomla.

Web Design Services

It is no wonder that Web Hosting Hub have created a great design, with some well thought out content. They are one of the few web hosting providers that offer web design services in-house. Just take a look at some of the websites designed for their customers:

webhostinghub web design

Find out more about Web Hosting Hub

You can learn more about Web Hosting Hub by checking out our review here. You may also wish to take a look at their sister brand InMotion Hosting, especially if you require business hosting. Both brands are run and managed by the same people and support teams it is just InMotion is geared toward the premium Business hosting market.

You can find the latest offers for Web Hosting Hub here, and InMotion here.

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