DreamHost Launches New Control Panel Design Plus other Updates


DreamHost Launches New Control Panel Design Plus other Updates

DreamHost Launches New Control Panel Design, updated their Wiki and celebrates 18 years by releasing screenshots of every website design since they started.

Dreamhost has been busy updating the style, feel, and quality of various parts of its website. This article will take a look at the new Control Panel Design, the updated Dreamhost Wiki, and the latest incarnation of their main website design.

Dreamhost is well known for really pushing the boundaries of good style, as evidenced by their incredible office interior design, and the fact they only just launched a major design of the website back in August 2014. The fact, they never stop progressing and improving can only be a testament to their services more generally.

New Control Panel Design

In September, Dreamhost announced the launch of their new Control Panel Design. This new design had been in development for some time with the aim of bringing their new styling launched in August 2014 to their control panel, which was still sporting the old look.

dreamhost-new-designIn fact, the old control panel was designed in 2007, and to be honest, looked terrible in light of today's design standards.

Dreamhost specified a number of excellent reasons for the change to the new control panel, which we have summarized below:

  • Cohesive Brand - With the brand refresh last year, Dreamhost felt it necessary to reflect that brand no matter where you go on their site.
  • Responsive website design - With the prevalence of mobiles in today's society they felt it necessary that you could manage your account no matter what device you are using.
  • Site Speed - With larger websites it is important that everything is optimized so that customers have a good user experience and do not have to wait around.
  • Good foundation for future changes - Dreamhost indicates that there are many more changes to come.

Desktop Interface

You can see below a comparison between the old and new interface created by Dreamhost, and we are sure you will agree with us that it looks fantastic:

dreamhost new interface

One thing we particularly like is the fact that everything is in the same location on the screen between the two different versions. It means that users will be instantly familiar with the new interface.

Mobile Interface

It gets better, though, just take a look at a similar image showing what it looks like on a mobile:

mobile account area dreamhost

New Dreamhost Wiki

Development on the new Dreamhost Wiki began in early 2015 and was launched in the middle of August this year. The problem with many wikis or even collection of web hosting articles is that they often become outdated. Dreamhost has updated or deleted old articles to ensure they are all useful for their customers. A screenshot of the new Dreamhost Wiki is below:

DreamHost wiki

While the new Dreamhost Wiki does not support the new branding style, don't let that deceive you. Their new Wiki is probably one of the most detailed and comprehensive collection of web hosting articles you will find.

Due to the depth of the material we believe this is targeted at the more advanced user, rather than someone who is new to web hosting. That being said, the wiki will very helpfully point out the level of understanding required at the top of each article:

Dreamhost wiki advanced

Also, at the top of each article you will see a list of technical requirements, such as whether you need shell access:

requirements dreamhost wiki

Increase in Traffic and User Satisfaction

After the new changes were implemented Dreamhost reported an increase in traffic and user satisfaction:

Since these changes have been implemented, we’ve seen an increase in traffic and user satisfaction. It is now easier to find the help pages you are looking for as the information presented on each page is more precise and detailed than ever before.

Updated Website Design

On the 23rd September 2015, in celebration of Dreamhost turning 18 years old (wow!!!), they released screenshots of every version of their website since 1998. We do not intend to discuss their new branding much as we did this back in August 2014.

What we have done, though, is create a gif version of all their screenshots so you can easily see the transformation over the years:

dreamhost websites gif

Happy 18th birthday Dreamhost!

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