Eleven2 Launches new SSD Web Hosting Product


Eleven2 Launches new SSD Web Hosting Product

Eleven2 has recently launched new SSD Web Hosting featuring RAID 10 and utilizing the latest Over-Provisioning for the best possible performance.

Eleven2 launched on the 5th November an explosive new SSD Web Hosting product that will sit alongside its standard hosting. With it, Eleven2 make some bold claims, which its SSD hosting is up to 500 percent faster than the competition's SSD hosting products.

The Technology

To understand why Eleven2 SSD Hosting may be faster, we need to take a look at the technology behind it. Here is a list of what they are using:

  • 4 x Samsung Enterprise SSD drives in RAID 10
  • 12gb/s, state-of-the-art Avago RAID cards utilizing Over-Provisioning

We shall look at each of these in turn to However, the claims by Eleven2 relate to how there are configured. For this, we need to look at each in turn.

SSDs Utilize Raid 10

Eleven2 is using four SSD drives per server arranged in a RAID 10 formation. The diagram to the right shows how each drive is mirrored to another for data failover.

This means that only 50 percent of the capacity of the disk drives are usable to store and write data to the disks. However, when reading the data all four disks are used, significantly speeding up the Input Output Operations per second (IOPS).

Unfortunately, RAID 10 configurations are pretty standard among hosting providers, so this is not necessarily the reason for their claims that their SSD Hosting is faster that other companies.

That being said, using Enterprise SSD's certainly help, both in reliability and long-term performance.

Avago Raid Cards Utilizing Over-Provisioning

work smarter not harder This is the first time we had come across the term Over-Provisioning, as no other host we have reviewed has explicitly mentioned this. After doing a little research, we are convinced that it is this that has enabled Eleven2 to make those bold claims. However, we suspect that many web hosting providers use over-provisioning as well.

An SSD controller has the job of managing all the traffic and storage for the SSD Drives. Each NAND cell (a block where data is kept) has a limited lifetime and to overwrite old data the NAND cell must be completely emptied. This creates a lot of work for the SSD controller, which has to move data constantly around to prepare free NAND cells for future data writes. This is done by using temporary storage known as "Swap Space" while the controller carries out its tasks. Over-Provisioning is a way to set aside a minimum amount of this Swap Space, which is inaccessible to the User or Operating System.

Over-Provisioning has a direct effect on SSD performance as it guarantees free space to carry out the NAND management of data. This means that the SSD does not have to waste time preparing space on demand, a process that can require additional time as data is copied, erased and recopied. Essentially by giving the NAND management more room to work you make it faster.

Couple this though with Eleven2 using state of the art 12gb/s Avago RAID cards we are starting to see a potent mix.

New Eleven2 SSD Web Hosting Plans

Eleven2 currently offer three different SSD Hosting plans, featuring very generous SSD storage allocations. The base plan starts at just $5.95 per month (before discounts) and includes 5GB SSD storage, 50GB RAM, and a relatively large ten add-on domains.

You can see a comparison of the three different plans below:

Shared SSD Hosting - Eleven2

At present, the new SSD hosting is only available in their USA data center, but they do indicate more locations will be coming soon.

50 percent Off for a Limited Time

In celebration of the new SSD web hosting, Eleven2 are currently offering a massive 50 percent off your first invoice. You can find the Eleven2 Coupons, along with our billing FAQ here.

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