Namecheap Celebrates 15 Years

Namecheap Celebrates 15 Years. Read the message their CEO Richard Kirkendall sent to his customers, as well as a glimpse into what they have been up to.

Namecheap has recently celebrated their 15th anniversary, which makes them one of the oldest domain registrars around (they launched hosting in 2007).

Their founder Richard Kirkendall has published a birthday message that not only dwells on the past 15 years but also gives notable thanks to all his staff and customers.

Namecheap has long been one of our favorite hosting companies and indeed are our preferred domain registrar. They are known for their stand against SOPA and their support for internet freedom and have garnered very positive traction for this on Reddit.

It is quite difficult to remember back to what the internet was like back in 2001, but it is worth noting that the first dot-com bubble took place between 1997 to 2001, and the popular Netscape Navigator was launched just seven years prior in 1994. It is amazing to think about how so much has changed in that time.

Rather than republish the whole message we will only highlight a couple of the more interesting points, followed by a very brief summary of all their major events over the past 15 years.

How it all began

In typical fashion, Namecheap started with one man and an "idea", and, of course, some significant talent and the will to do "better". Here is what Richard had to say about their humble beginnings:

I still remember the day when the idea first popped into my head. I was registering some domains at an old, slow as molasses, legacy registrar and frustrated with the process of registering and managing domains. I thought to myself, “you know, this entire process can be done much better and easier,” never mind the high price you had to pay to register. This was the start of the journey that would happily consume the next 15 years of my professional life. The mission, build it better, faster and less expensive and build it based on an extreme focus on customer support and customer experience.

I was lucky enough to meet our CTO Mohan Vettaikaran in an internet chat room about domain names, and as one conversation led to another, we were off to the races building the first version of our website and as they say, the rest is history!

Namecheap has grown significantly

Namecheap is one of the largest and most respected domain registrars. In 2007, they added web hosting services to their product lineup with 10,000 new websites hosted within the year of launching as of September 2008. It is amazing to think that they now host over 1.5 million websites, and a massive 5 million domains:

We’ve done a lot to meet every challenge as we have built this company. We’ve also seen tremendous growth and now manage over 5 million domains and their websites for 1.5 million of our customers. We’ve grown to be a team of more than 600 people to fully support each and every one of our customers.

Namecheap thanks Employees and Customers

And, last of all Richard says a thank you to all his staff and customers.

All of this success is due to a lot of hard work and dedication by a group of individuals I like to call team Namecheap. Each and every one of them, a partner and colleague along this journey to create the best company and culture that I have ever been a part of. Thank you all for giving the extra effort, staying that extra hour, showing the extra patience and dedication to get the job done when things have gotten tough. It is this type of perseverance and commitment that has led greatly to our success.

Last and most importantly, I’d like to thank all our customers who are the lifeblood of our company. Without you and your continued support for our services, none of this would be possible. You have our humble gratitude. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and for continuing to choose Namecheap as your domain name and web hosting provider. You’ve stuck with us through thick and thin and helped our business grow organically through your word-of-mouth. For that, you have our commitment from each and every member of our team to continue to serve you tirelessly and make you the center of everything we do here at Namecheap. You are the apple of our collective eye :)

There are a few snippets of the message that we did cut out, so feel free to check out the full message yourselves.

Notable Namecheap Events

  • 2000 — Namecheap created
  • 2001 — Namecheap website launched
  • 2006 — Marketplace launched
  • 2007 — Web Hosting launched
  • 2007 — 24/7 Support offered
  • 2007 — Namecheap received ICANN accreditation
  • 2008 — First ever annual trivia started (this has been getting bigger every year!)
  • 2008 — acquired by Namecheap
  • 2010 — Namecheap voted best domain registrar by Lifehacker readers
  • 2010 — Namecheap helps to plant trees in cooperation with International Tree Foundation
  • 2011 — Open-Xchange email hosting service launched
  • 2011 — Over $20,000 donated to Save the Elephants organization
  • 2011 — Namecheap joins protests against SOPA and blacks out website
  • 2011 — First ever Move Your Domain Day announced
  • 2012 — Over $64,000 donated to
  • 2013 — Namecheap crowned most popular domain name registrar by Lifehacker
  • 2013 — Namecheap now accepts Bitcoin
  • 2013 — Namecheap campaigns against CISPA in collaboration with the
  • 2013 — Namecheap donates $44,000 to EFF following 2nd Annual Move your domain day.
  • 2013 — Namecheap launches UK based hosting
  • 2014 — New website design launched.
  • 2014 — New dedicated servers launched.
  • 2014 — New SSD Storage Business Hosting launched.
  • 2014 — New IOS app launched
  • 2015 — Significant enhancements made to Private Email product
  • 2015 — Namecheap enters eSports.
  • 2015 — New Namecheap Legal launched to help protect your brand.
  • 2015 — Premium DNS products in development
  • 2015 — New account panel launched.

As you can see, Namecheap has been very busy! We hope that gives some insight into Namecheap, and how they have supported campaigns relating to internet Neutrality as well as well deserved charities.

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