Namecheap Launch New Account Panel

Namecheap have recently launched their new account panel, and have revealed some further changes \ updates that are coming soon based on customer feedback.

Namecheap has recently launched their new account \ admin. panel, significantly updating the user interface to match the styling of their new website that was launched at the beginning of last year.

The New Namecheap Dashboard

As you can see from the screenshot below the new dashboard is a much cleaner and more spacious style. It is infinitely more modern looking than the previous version and gives easy access to the main areas enabling you to easily manage your products and services. The five main sections are as follows:

  1. Dashboard — This is where you can see a summary of the most important things about your account. It includes account balance, Two Factor Authentication, and a list of recently active products.
  2. Expiring Soon — If you manage many domains and other services this section gives you the ability to see if any are due for renewal in the near future.
  3. Domain List — This is a list of all the domains in your account.
  4. Product List — This is a list of your SSL certificates and Onepager Subscriptions
  5. Profile — Here you can manage your personal information, such as user details, address, security and billing options.

Namecheap Dashboard

You can see that in the Dashboard view these sections are listed in the left-hand menu. In addition, you will find that they can be accessed via the "Account" menu item at the top of the page which gives easy access no matter which page you are on.

Initial Feedback Positive, but there are Issues

namecheap-feedback The initial feedback given to Namecheap in response to the Account area update was extremely positive, with people impressed with the "clean and minimalist design". We agree, and think it is a massive improvement over the old system.

The criticisms Namecheap has received mainly relate to their Power Users, i.e. those users that have large numbers of domain names to manage. To put the criticism into context you have to have in mind that Namecheap manages over 5 million domain names, and is highly regarded by many webmasters. Indeed, we use Namecheap for all our domain registration needs.

Power users want to be able to quickly and easy manage their domains, as they visit the account dashboard several times a day and have massive lists of domains to sort through. The new interface is much more spacious and as a result more scrolling down the page is required to find any particular domain. Also, there has been some criticism about the number of clicks that is required to carry out routine tasks. This is summed up by one user:

Your previous UI was perfect: everything was compact, icons were clear (your WhoIs badge looks like an elephant blowing a ball from its trunk — completely confusing) and I didn’t have to scroll, scroll, scroll to find things.

We can see their point, and actually agree with it. Fortunately, Namecheap also agrees and have written a blog post confirming that they are actively addressing these concerns, specifically in relation to the Domain List, and the Domain Control Panel:

Domain List

Namecheap will be adding a "domain only view" to the Domain List which is much more lean, and subsequently faster for power users to get tasks done. The old view will still be available for those with fewer domains. You can see a glimpse of the new view below:


Domain Control Panel

The complaints about managing each domain were that more clicks were required to carry out basic tasks. As a result, and with some input from Namecheap CEO, Richard Kirkendall, they have redesigned the advanced domain management interface as shown below:


Equally, the domain overview screen has been updated to be much cleaner, and providing easier management with more information being included on the screen:


Time scale for Improvements

All the design work (as you can see) for the improvements is complete, and Namecheap are actively developing the new pages. They have not given a time scale for them going live, but we imagine it will be "soon".

Certainly, we are excited about the changes and think all the changes thus far are really great. With the new updates, we are sure all the Power Users will be happy too!

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