GoDaddy announces updates across all product lines to help small businesses


GoDaddy announces updates across all product lines to help small businesses

GoDaddy announced on Wednesday the launch of a comprehensive suite of updates across many of its products lines.

GoDaddy announced on Wednesday the launch of a comprehensive suite of updates across many of its products lines. The new features are designed to help users build their online presence, grow and attract new customers, and improve business productivity.

GoDaddy is fast becoming more than just a domain or web hosting company. They provide an extensive range of products and services for small business owners to manage all aspects of their online presence. We suspect that over the coming years, GoDaddy will only continue to grow its offerings by continuing to identify new products and services that will help its users be successful with their small businesses.

Steven Aldrich, Chief Product Officer at GoDaddy, commented on the direction the company is taking:

At GoDaddy, we’re completely dedicated to the growth and success of the small businesses that power the global economy. Our responsibility in helping them achieve that success is to provide them with the best products and services to empower them, so we’re constantly looking at ways we can add to our services, or improve existing ones.

The updates we’re announcing today are really just the tip of the iceberg, and customers can expect to see a more regular cadence of updates in the future, all designed with their success in mind.

The new updates are being rolled out over three different types of product:

  • Products designed to help build an online presence
  • Products designed to help grow your online presence and attract new customers
  • Products designed to help improve business productivity

We shall deal with each of these in turn.

Building an Online Presence

Building an online presence for your new business is hard. If you know absolutely nothing about web hosting or how to get your first website, and especially if you are on a budget, it can be tough to know where to start. To give you an idea of just how many businesses do not yet have a website we can look at a report by GoDaddy & Redshift Research that was published late last year:

GoDaddy Global Small Business Report 2015.pdf

Surprisingly, 59 percent of small businesses still don't have their own website, rising to 67 percent for single person businesses. When asked their intention to create a website in the next two years, 55 percent of small businesses confirmed that they are. Of those intending to build a website, only 1 in 5 have purchased their domain name.

This represents a massive opportunity for web hosting providers to help small businesses, provided they have the right products and support available. This, hopefully, is where GoDaddy comes in, as you will see from the brief summary of products below, along with the new updates being launched this Spring:

Domain Names

GoDaddy already has an extension range of services relating to Domains. From their 400+ different domain extensions already offered, to Domain Transfer services, Domain Auctions, and other Domain Investor tools it is difficult to find a more comprehensive domain registrar. The new product updates being announced are aimed at helping new businesses find the perfect domain name:

  • New top-level domains (TLDs), including .CN, .PET, .BET, .PRO, .CAR, .CARS, .AUTO, .CLOUD, .FAMILY, .IST, .ISTANBUL, and. STORE.
  • The launch of version 2.0 of the Domain Investor app. The app will now be available in 10 new languages.
  • New security measures, including transfer risk mitigation, to reduce the likelihood of domain hijacking.
  • Improvements to domain name availability search functionality, including new international search capabilities, serving up a wider range of domain name options.

Website Builder

GoDaddy's website builder has always been an affordable and relatively easy way to get your presence online. Each plan comes with Business email from Office 365 free for the first year. While the websites are relatively basic, they allow you to get up and running within the day. While users may also wish to consider the WordPress Quick Start Wizard on Godaddy's WordPress hosting or GoDaddy's Design service (see next point below), the simple website builder may be perfectly adequate for a first website.

GoDaddy is launching the following:

  • Three new starter themes for Website Builder to help businesses find the right look and feel for their online presence
  • New and improved built-in SEO capabilities target the right keywords which identify and track keywords to target that will help your business succeed.

An example of their website builder is below:


WordPress Design

As with any new business, you want to create a good impression with your customers. As such, you may want to set aside a larger budget for your online presence and get a premium custom made website. Whether it is a standard website, or e-commerce store GoDaddy can help (currently US customers only), with prices ranging between $499.99 for a one-page website, $1,299.99 for eight pages, to $2,499.99 for up to 10 pages + loads of extra features. This may seem a lot, but it is fairly good value (which you will quickly see when requesting quotes from professional design agencies).

An example of one of their professionally designed websites can be seen below:


If you need further changes in the future, you can pay an hourly fee and have it all taken care of for you. Furthermore, with their standard design plan, you get 6 hours of development time free during the first year.

Web Hosting

GoDaddy offers a wide range of web hosting, from standard hosting associated with their Website Builder, cPanel Hosting, WordPress Hosting to VPS and Dedicated Servers. Furthermore, GoDaddy's Pro portal makes it simple for web designers or other professionals to manage websites for their clients. GoDaddy extends these offers with:

  • New Cloud Servers and Cloud Applicationsnew offerings designed to help individual developers, tech entrepreneurs, and IT professionals to build quickly, test and scale cloud solutions for their small business clients.
  • Data center selection — cPanel customers now have the choice of hosting within Asia, Europe or North America. For those unsure which location to choose, GoDaddy will make recommendations on the best option to suit each customer.
  • New rewards point program to reward GoDaddy Pro program members — Members can earn points on new purchases through the GoDaddy Pro portal and redeem them for in-store credit.

Grow and Attract New Customers

In today's competitive world, merely creating a website is not enough. It takes hard work to attract customers, no matter how good your website is. GoDaddy has various products that help with your online marketing, from DIY SEO, Local Business Listings to Email marketing. If you need a little more help, they also have premium SEO specialists ready to help (Although, you should be wary of their (or indeed any company's) backlinking services!).

Some of the new updates GoDaddy are launching:

GoDaddy Email Marketing:

  • Addition of “Second Send” functionality (available to select users), allowing them to resend automatically a message to recipients who have yet to open it, using alternate subject lines
  • Online Store users can now drag and drop products they want to promote directly into their email campaigns via GoDaddy Email Marketing
  • Free trials of GoDaddy Email Marketing for both new and existing Online Store customers

Online Store:

  • A new shipping integration with UPS, designed to streamline your shipping service and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Over ten new features to help merchants manage their products, search inventory and manage their sales. This includes better storage and accessibility of data.

SEO Services:

We always stress caution when SEO specialists offer backlinking or other similar directory submission services. The best way to undertake SEO is to follow Google's Guidelines. The ultimate white-hat technique for undertaking SEO is to create high-quality, useful content that adds value for your users. Some of GoDaddy's products, such as Keyword research is excellent for this.

While backlinks are an important part of off-site SEO, if done in a spammy, low-quality way, you can get penalized by Google with their Penguin algorithm. A sure sign of low-quality backlinks is services that advertise backlinks from commenting, social bookmarking or directory submissions. Unfortunately, GoDaddy seems to be promoting this type of SEO with their specialists. Therefore, while we think their on-page SEO services are great, just take care when it comes to off-site SEO.

  • GoDaddy provides a team of SEO experts for both on-site (recommended) and off-site SEO optimizations (not recommended) on the user’s behalf, including dedicated account managers to develop SEO strategy.
  • A comprehensive customer dashboard for tracking all SEO activity, including ROI and ranking improvements.

You can see a glimpse of the client's dashboard below:


Unfortunately, as we have mentioned, it seems they are heavily promoting some dubious SEO backlinking techniques in the dashboard. This should really be brought to their attention, and we have reached out to Steven Aldridge on Twitter to offer our thoughts on the matter.

Improve Business Productivity

GoDaddy provides many Business productivity tools, ranging from Professional Email, Microsoft Office 365 to and online bookkeeping. This helps business efficiently manage its administration thereby increasing productivity.


New improvements for Office 365 include:

  • Released Version 1 of integrated encryption and archiving.
  • Deeper email encryption to cover emails even when they’re “in transit”, increasing security and privacy.
  • Improved archiving and indexing to protect businesses from data loss, and make regulatory compliance hassle-free.


GoDaddy have produced a great summary of the new updates below:

GoDaddy Inc Spring Product Roadmap Infographic

Try them out

If you are looking to try out GoDaddy we have a range of special offers available. These include a general 30 percent off deal across most of their product line. You can find our GoDaddy Deals here.

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