DreamHost replaces wiki with new knowledge base


DreamHost replaces wiki with new knowledge base

DreamHost has recently announced that they have replaced their comprehensive and detailed Wiki with a new Knowledge Base.

DreamHost has recently announced that they have replaced their comprehensive and detailed Wiki with a new Knowledge Base. The new Knowledge Base contains all the old Wiki Articles and features a more intuitive structure and more intelligent search functionality.

The revamp of the DreamHost Support Articles is one of many updates to their branding and image over the last couple of years. In August 2014, they completely revamped their website and updated their logo to a much more clean, modern style. This was followed late last year with an entirely new Control Panel design, and updated Wiki. It would seem, though, that the new version of the Wiki released last year did not hit the mark of what they were trying to achieve, and as such the new Knowledge Base was born.

Brett D, VP of Brand and Community at DreamHost, commented:

We’re moving our knowledge articles off of the very-capable open source MediaWiki and onto something that’s more in line with our future plans for documentation. MediaWiki is a great tool — phenomenal, even! It just wasn’t an ideal fit for our specific needs anymore.

Here are a few screenshots of what the new DreamHost Knowledge Base looks like:


As at the current time, the Knowledge Base is still in Beta. As a result, the old Wiki is still accessible here. We do not know DreamHost's intentions for the old Wiki, but we suspect that this will be redirected to the new Knowledge Base in due course.

DreamHost summarized some of the changes you can expect with the new Knowledge Base (in their words):

  • It’s very pretty
  • It’s organized!
  • The search function is not totally dumb!
  • Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can still click around to your heart’s content and discover article after article after article!
  • There’s no more spam, spammers can’t post spam, and we don’t need to waste time dealing with spam
  • It looks and works wonderfully on small-screen devices
  • A lot of under-the-hood improvements that make all of our lives a whole lot easier!

Our impression is that the new version is much more user-friendly, especially to the lay-user (i.e. shared hosting customers, with little knowledge). The old wiki, on the other hand, appeared to be quite technical, and more directed at the more experienced web hosting users. The change seems to be clearly targeting their core customers (which are higher in number), and we think this is a good thing.

That being said, DreamHost has confirmed that all of the content from their wiki has been transferred to the new knowledge base. Brett stated, " Nothing’s been lost, and we have very serious plans to make those articles even more useful in the near future."

The initial reaction to the new knowledge base has been great, with one user commenting:

Will this sexy new thing be available as a One-Click install someday? We’re using MMediaWiki*right now* for exactly the same purpose as your knowledge base!

We don't know if DreamHost based the design on a prebuilt theme (modified of course to their styling), but for those looking for a similar style of Knowledge Base we would recommend the one built by Hero Themes.

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