InMotion Hosting partners with Corero for DDOS Protection


InMotion Hosting partners with Corero for DDOS Protection

InMotion Hosting Selects Corero Network Security’s SmartWall Threat Defense Solution to Defeat DDoS Attacks.

InMotion Hosting, a web hosting provider to a worldwide customer base, has selected Corero Network Security’s SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) as the one it will use to protect its data centers against DDoS attacks. InMotion hosting is not only safeguarding itself against attacks but also extending this protection to its customers as part of the web hosting service.

InMotion Hosting is a company with a growing customer base that needed a way to prevent these attacks without impacting the users of its service: it found its answer in the Corero Network Security’s SmartWall. Previously, the company had also leveraged techniques to combat this problem such as ‘null-routing’ targeted services to combat DDoS attacks: this means they asked an upstream provider to drop all traffic going into an affected server temporarily until a DNS update could be done and then this would reroute the customers traffic. Of course, those running InMotion were very aware that this approach completed the DDoS attack’s mission, and so it was negatively impacting InMotion customers by impacting their service.

Of course, those running InMotion were very aware that this approach completed the DDoS attack’s mission, and so it was negatively impacting InMotion customers by impacting their service.

So, InMotion looked for a better solution. They found that solution and in Corero, and they chose the Corero SmartWall TDS to be their dedicated DDoS mitigation solution because of the level of protection that it delivers, and they also liked the products flexibility, easy scalability, and its user-friendly interface.

Monitoring DDoS Attacks

InMotion easily integrated the Corero into their Hosting networks; they installed the SmartWall TDS after their second layer of core switches, which are a critical requirement for InMotion Hosting. Additionally, the web hosting provider uses a set of APIs to automatically route traffic to a secondary 10Gbps switch to avoid saturating the first switch. The original switch and SmartWall ITS would have migrated all of the lost traffic and also kept InMotion Hosting’s networks healthy.

Erik Soroka, IT Manager of InMotion Hosting, said:

The overall ability and performance of our networks has improved significantly since installing Corero’s SmartWall TDS, which ultimately means a better web hosting experience for our customers. We also really like that we can add another module for an additional 10Gbps of protection — it was something that was very attractive for us.

The InMotion Hosting network administrators are also leveraging the intelligence provided by SecureWatch Analytics to identify trends and mitigate potential threats even before they become a problem. This means that many times, the DDoS attack could be stopped before it became a problem. Also, the Corero support team is in constant contact with those at InMotion Hosting’s network administrators whenever a large event occurs, monitoring the attack; they also give InMotion Hosting regular updates and keep monitoring the attack throughout it being solved. This also helps InMotion understand the malicious threats and attacks that are threatening them, meaning they can avoid more attacks in the future.

Dave Larson, Chief Operating Officer of Corero, said:

Within days of installation, the Corero SmartWall TDS demonstrated its mitigation capabilities and value as InMotion hosting was hit with the largest volumetric attack it had ever seen. The targeted server remained online throughout the attack, and customers were not impacted. This single attack proved that DDoS attacks are not just a nuisance — they can have a long-lasting impact on a company’s reputation — and validated InMotion Hosting’s investment in a dedicated anti-DDoS solution.

InMotion Hosting is already a leader in the market of web hosting, provides shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), reseller hosting and dedicated servers, for businesses of all sizes as well as individuals. InMotion Hosting has remained committed to their ideas of offering customers the top-quality service and good prices, and now they can also get proper protection from InMotion Hosting too.

This arrangement with Corero Network Security promises to make many customers’ web hosting experience more secure: Corero is many peoples’ front line of defense against DDoS attacks and is famous for its pioneer online security services. They produce a range of services that are capable of inspecting internet traffic and enforcing real-time access and monitoring of policies designed to match the needs of the protected businesses.

This expertise should come in very useful for InMotion in the future, and its strength has already been proved: only days after the installation of SmartWall TDS in the Los Angeles data center, InMotion Hosting was hit by a volumetric attack larger than they had seen before. This gave them the opportunity to do a real-world test the Corero solution and the shared server targeted by the attack did remain online; this meant in could service customers even while the attack was being dealt with. This told the InMotion executives that their investment in Corero had paid off: they don’t have to take their customers’ websites offline and disrupt their service anymore. You can see below an example of some of the data that was collected in the attack:

Real-world example of the data collected from a reflection attack against one of InMotion Hosting’s servers - November 2015

This looks like a great move for InMotion, who have now solved many of the problems on the security side of their service. This promises to make their service better and much more reliable as they move into the future, and the DDoS attack conducted on InMotion shows that the new solution from Corero works; after having to suffer delays and interference to their websites previously, all of InMotion’s customers will be relieved.

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